27 Incredible Apps for Entrepreneurs

Apps for entrepreneurs


27 Incredible Apps for Entrepreneurs

If you are starting a new entrepreneurial project and have a mobile phone on hand 24/7, then continue reading this post where we have listed some of the best apps for entrepreneurs can use to make their life much easier.

These tools will help you generate your business ideas, organize your time, share content and information, communicate remotely with your team and control the budget and expenses.

The key word is Organisation and with these apps for entrepreneurs, you will be able to access your contacts and documents from any device, and most importantly, plan and meet your goals.

Most of these apps for entrepreneurs are free of charge and can be accessed from smartphones, computers and tablets which gives them a greater level of flexibility and allows them to be easily adapted to any entrepreneurial project.

Apps for Entrepreneurs

Generating Ideas



Available on iOS and Android. Mac and Windows

Free and paid versions

This app helps you organise your ideas with diagrams and mind maps. It is useful for capturing ideas generated while brainstorming so that the most effective one can be chosen.


Available on iOS and Android.

Paid version. Two-week free trial.

MindNode helps you visualise your ideas. Start with a central idea and then brainstorm, organise and share your mind maps.


Available on iOS

This app can help you generate random names, check domains (.com .net. org), create a list of your favourite names, edit the word length, start names with a vowel as well as use tools to share your lists.

How to make a logo for your brand in a few easy steps


Organising your time and tasks



Available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Desktop, Slack, Alexa.

Free version

Register for free with in-app subscription for premium features.

One of Any.do’s special features is the ability to sync and share to-do lists with your groups so tasks are delegated and assigned. It enables you to manage your personal to-do lists, as well as your work projects and shared lists.



Available on iOS.

Free version.

Use Asana to quickly capture tasks, pending tasks, reminders and ideas. Get updates from team members, organise tasks and work projects or manage your daily to-do lists. Keep track of your work from wherever you are with the Asana mobile app.



Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.
Free and paid versions

Capture, organise and share your notes on the go. Organise your workflow and set your life in order. Save everything in one place and locate it quickly when you need it. Improve your notes with links, verification lists, tables, file attachments and audio recordings. It is even possible to search handwritten notes.

Additionally, after its recent partnership with Linkedin, business cards can be scanned and digitised and then linked to your contact list.



Available on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Free version.

It is an easy-to-use remote control app. It enables remote access to files on a computer or tablet from a mobile phone so long as they are kept on and it is the easiest way to remotely control your desktop while you are travelling. It allows you to seamlessly share files within your team.

A TeamViewer Chat, which includes audio and video, is also available allowing you to communicate with the person on the other end.


Remember the Milk

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Fire, Mac, Windows, Linux.

Free and paid versions.

It’s a smart app for managing busy people’s to-do lists. As its name indicates, the app is an easy and visual way to remind us of all our pending tasks.

Multiple to-do lists can be created and shared with other users, as well as managed and edited: prioritising tasks, organising tags, etc.

If you use Google Calendar and Google Talk this app will work particularly well since it syncs with all devices. It is one of the more popular entrepreneurial apps available.


Sharing Information



Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux.

Free and Premium versions.

Connect to multiple workspaces, receive desktop notifications and start the app directly from your dock. It allows you to create an Intranet where employees and volunteers can communicate privately.



Storing information 



Available on iOS, Android, Fire, Windows.

Store all your files into one centralised location. These files can be easily searched and safely synced across all your devices so you can access them anytime, anywhere. There is no need to spend hours and hours tracking down work. Dropbox was created to facilitate creative collaboration. Share a large size file, such as a PowerPoint or Photoshop file, with anyone. Everyone has access to the right version and will be kept up-to-date with any changes made to it.


Google Drive 

Available on iOS, Android.

Free and paid versions.

Discover a new way to check out your files on Google Drive, directly from your Mac or PC, without taking up space on your hard disk. Access your Google Drive files from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Easily invite other users to view, download or collaborate on all the files you want without having to send emails attachments.[/vc_column_text]

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Market Research



Available on Android
Free version

It allows you to design, process and analyse different kinds of surveys. It is intended for researchers, market research agencies and public opinion research companies that are looking for high quality, maximum productivity, teamwork and low costs. RotatorSurvey is among the best of its class and stands out for its ease of use, variety of options, friendly interfaces and thorough quality control. With Rotator you can design questionnaires, post them on the internet and manage the research following a rigorous quality criteria.



Free and paid versions.

The most popular survey tool which is used to design and send surveys. There is support and a website in Spanish. Configure surveys with confidence and do more with your data. Reach the audience that interests you the most.

Find more ways to sample your audience. Use the survey collectors to send them out via email, mobile, chat, web, social media, and more. Getting answers to your questions is just the beginning. Extract and share practical insights with your team to continue driving your business forward.



Business Plans


Business Plan Premier

Available on iOS
Business Plan Premier helps entrepreneurs better understand their business and how to write a business plan for investors, employees and for their own roadmap. The intuitive interface helps users from diverse academic and professional backgrounds put their business down on paper and get one step closer to starting or growing their business.



Available on iOS
Free and paid versions.
Voted as one of the best apps by both experts and users. Learn how to promote your business, watch video tutorials on how to run a profitable business, download a small business toolkit and connect with professional coaches, lenders, bookkeepers and other business professionals.

Entrepreneurs who use this tool can follow instructions to create their own business plans, as well as gain a professional overview by looking at other sample business plans.



Available on iOS and Android, Mac, Microsoft.
Free and paid versions

This is a project management app that allows you to store copies of files, meetings or events in the cloud, as well as share projects with the team and assign tasks to each team member.


Accounting and Finances



Available on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.
Free and paid versions.

This app helps you easily set up a budget and receive suggestions based on your spending patterns. You can track and pay invoices with ease, receive alerts and schedule payments on the spot.

Mint is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort. There is no incorrect way to use it and there is nothing to lose by getting started. This app connects to your bank account and monitors your financial activities. It is especially useful for categorising your budget items. Mint’s security and encryption system is integrated into its service.


Bill Tracker

Available on iOS.
Paid version.

This app can be used to track and manage all your personal loans. In addition, it allows you to track the best credit and interest rate options, prioritize your payments in order of importance and even receive bills or payments. You do not need to be connected to the Internet.



Available on iOS and Android
Free version.

This app helps you to quickly and easily track your expenses by automating the entire receipt and expense claim process. Management can reimburse employees quickly and easily with batch payments in just a few minutes. They are also able to customise expense policy rules for their organisation and configure the app so that any expense that needs to be reviewed by management is flagged.

With Expensify any changes made to the accounting system are automatically synched in real time allowing you to have a continuous insight into your organization’s finances, making it easy to deal with audits and tax season.[/vc_column_text]

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Launching the Product



Available on iOS and Android.
Free version.

With this app you can add a signature to any type of document from your smartphone or tablet. Add highlighted fields to the document to reduce possible errors or omissions. Review the progress of a pending document and remind the signers in the workflow to promptly complete the document.

Get the job done faster by saving frequently used documents as templates.



Available on Android.
Free and paid versions.

TabShop is the leading Point of Sale cashier App for Android Tablets and Smartphones. TabShop Point of Sale (POS) is a local, lightweight and free kiosk cashier and shop management App for small and medium size stores, market stalls, kiosks, shops, bars or restaurants.


Marketing Campaign



Available on iOS and Android.
Free and paid versions.
It is a mobile marketing tool that helps small and medium enterprises (Pymes) with limited resources launch promotional campaigns at zero cost. It also allows you to measure your campaign’s success.

Xopik is the next-generation mobile marketing solution that goes beyond the traditional SMS marketing platform and includes advanced features making it a highly effective solution to engage customers and increase sales.

Create landing pages with predesigned web templates optimized for mobile devices accessible via a link (Short-Link) that is inserted automatically in the SMS text.


Available on iOS and Android.
Free and paid versions.

It can be used to create marketing campaigns and to manage your distribution lists and email campaigns. This can be considered one of the better apps for entrepreneurs to use when planning campaigns.

It can automatically help you find and reach your target audience so you can continue to build your brand and increase sales. Using the app’s automated marketing material will allow you to focus on the rest of your business.





Free and paid versions.

Available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.

Desygner is a collaborative design tool with thousands of ready-made templates that can be quickly edited, published or printed from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is one of the better apps for entrepreneurs.

Create anything from personal projects such as event invitations or Facebook covers, to professional campaigns like email campaigns, images for social media posts, online ads, presentations and business cards. With Desygner anyone can create and publish incredible designs in minutes.


We hope that these apps will be of help to you. And if you know of any other entrepreneurial apps please let us know in the comments below.

Have a great start!


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