How to Create Instagram Ads that Convert

Instagram Ads How To

Let’s be honest; we all love Instagram.

While everybody is hyped about their new look and their controversial logo, I want to talk about a different topic – Instagram ads. More specifically, Instagram ads that convert.

You can’t deny that Instagram has that feeling that really sets it apart from other social media websites. Instagram is clean, uncluttered, subtle and to the point. This is one of the reasons why companies and advertisers started using Instagram as a medium to display their ads on.

Frankly, I understand why they do it. With a community of more than 400M users, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms. And the astonishing thing is that 70% of the users are under 35 years old. This a huge opportunity for companies and brands – and they know it. Now would be the perfect time to quote some big celebrity about why Instagram is so hip these days or what makes Instagram so popular, but to be honest, everybody does that.  So I approached things differently.

I am a soon to be Instagram husband. So I did the unexpected and I asked my wife, Heleana, what is it about Instagram that she likes so much, and if she’s annoyed by the ads. Here’s her response.

“I like Instagram the most out of any other social media app. It’s so easy. It is literally for everyone. Even my technologically-challenged mother has mastered the fine art of Instagramming.”

I like how easy it is to see what my friends are doing on the other side of the world, or what new fashion trends will be appearing soon. I follow lots of people that I know, and also a lot of famous people, brands, bands, you name it.

You don’t even realize ads are ads and you ask yourself; “woah why am I not following this user yet??”

Instagram is an open door for anything, really. Instagram is killin’ the game.
Btw, did you comment on my coffee pic yet? Instagram changed advertising. Brands stopped focusing on creating the ads we are all used to, and they acknowledged the fact that the Instagram community is totally different than the others. They expect a level of authenticity and storytelling that isn’t reflected on Facebook or Twitter.

One thing that millennials love about Instagram is the slick looking visuals. They like to see stories beautifully illustrated.
They care about design. And design; now that’s something we are very good at. So, we want to share some tips with you on how to create better Instagram adverts. Okay, so let’s start with the basics. There are three ad formats. 

Photo ads, Video ads, and Carousel ads.

Each and every one can serve different purposes, and they all have the potential to deliver information as creatively as possible.

When you start an Instagram ad campaign, you have to think about one thing. For at least four seconds, someone will look at your ad. Undisturbed, without knowing what to expect, and without any distraction, that person will look at what you created. So make sure you make it count! Here are three examples of amazing Instagram ads that I would not only look at but also like them or share them with a friend. 

Instagram video Ad – McDonald’s

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A little lovin’ conquers all.

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Instagram photo Ad – Levi’s

Instagram Carousel Ad– GMC


All three of them use storytelling. They use the format of the Ad in their favor.

In order to make successful Instagram ads, don’t over think it. Tell your brand’s story and focus on your design. If you are not a designer, or if you don’t have the time to create new visuals every single time you post on Instagram, we have lots of templates for you to choose from.

However, here are a few things you should consider when you are designing your Instagram Ad.

Keep your copy simple

Your audience’s short attention span is the biggest enemy of every marketer. You have so little time to grab your user’s attention, so you need to use your copy cleverly, without being loud or obnoxious. Another important aspect is the font you choose. Depending on what you want to say through your Ad, make sure you chose the font accordingly. Make sure you are not overusing the same Helvetica or Roboto fonts. And for crying out loud, please don’t use Comic Sans.

Remember: Your font must match your copy! 

Use quality images

Using potato quality images will not look good for your brand. But finding royalty free images can be a huge hassle, and when you post a lot, paying for the images on a limited budget is a burden. This is where Desygner comes along. We have partnered with Pixabay and Unsplash to make sure you will never run out of royalty free images. And if that’s not enough, we can also look for you on Google to see if we can find any images that are labeled to be reused.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Have a clear Call to Action

Last, but not least, your call to action is something you shouldn’t ignore. The most successful Instagram ads have a clear call to action that explains to users exactly what they should expect when they click on the ad.

Of course, a call to action is not always relevant. Depending on if you want awareness, or if you just want clicks, you can decide if a Call to Action is what your advert needs. Take for example the banners that I showed you above. They have no call to actions, they don’t try to sell directly through Instagram, all they want is to raise awareness. They want impressions, not clicks, or maybe “taps” would be more appropriate. I am text block. Click the edit button to change this text.


Although it sounds cliche, think outside of the box. There are so many bad Ads out there, don’t make another one. Focus on your brand and try to tell its story as good as you can.

Be different. 

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