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Resume Tips to get a job

The design kit for the unemployed is the ultimate “how to” guide to help you get a job and stand out from the crowd using Desygner. We understand that standing out of a crowd of applicants can be difficult. According to Business Insider, it can take as little as 6 seconds for recruiters to make the initial “fit or no fit” decision. Place all your odds on your side, by adding eye-catching email header, professional business cards, and the highest quality resume. There are many free design templates available for you to help get the job. 

Unemployment can be a larger emotional loss than that of a simple loss of a paycheck. It can be the loss of a routine, security, and social connections. The more people that are unemployed can create a higher level of competition and increases the need to stand out. Although your experience and education play a huge part in getting your career back on track, these self-marketing tools can give you the boost you need.

First things first, Writing a Resume…

Your resume is the most fundamental and important tool to help you get noticed. Your resume needs to be relevant to the position, your skills, and previous experiences.

To begin, write down all of your previous experiences that could be relevant for the position (that one time you babysat doesn’t count). Keep in mind that a resume shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages. Unless it is well worth it (Doctors, Bank CEOs, or world renowned specialists, can have MAX 3 pages). Remember to keep things short sweet and relevant!

There are many different types of resume structures:

The first, and most common, is chronological, in this structure, you begin with your latest employment and end at your earliest. You should only use this format if there are no large gaps between jobs and your experience is aligned with the position you are applying for.

The second-most commonly used structure is based on relevance. In this style, place the most eye-catching and relevant skills and experiences first. This is a great structure if you are changing fields, have little experience, and have large time gaps in your resume.

You can also combine both chronological and relevance resume structures. In this style, elaborate your skills and experience, while also backing it up with a chronological listing of work history. Use this resume if you want to target your work experience and show hiring managers the type of employee you are.

The last structure is the most time-consuming, yet effective, the targeted structure. In this style, every aspect of your resume is customized for the specific position. Everything is targeted, from your objectives, qualifications, education, and experience mirrors the job requirements.

Now the fun part! Time to design.

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, we all do. So let’s make your presentation look as awesome as you do.  

The style of your resume depends not only on the job you are applying for but also how you want to present your personal skills, job history and education. 

Resumes to get a job                       Resumes to get a job

Don’t be afraid to use appropriate images, such as royalty-free or personal. Here at Desygner, we do have over a million Royalty-Free Images you can use for your resume.

Resumes to get a job                    Resumes to get a job

A quality resume must include the appropriate titles, easy to read fonts, different colors and in some cases images. You don’t need to be an Adobe wizard to create an amazing resume, there are many free resume templates which allow you to create amazing quality resumes with ease.

Desygner resume templates

Resume writing tips

  • It is crucial that you remember to keep your information relevant to the job you are applying for when writing your resume. Irrelevant information is a waste of space and could mean your resume is overlooked.
  • One of the most basic and yet often forgotten pieces of information on a resume is your contact information and availability. It is essential that you clearly display your contact details on your resume. This includes your mailing address, phone number, and email address. 
  • Include relevant work history, such as company, job title, responsibilities and dates. If you are lacking in this section,  why not do some volunteering to add to your resume.
  • Remember to include ALL relevant education for the position.
  • Mention any skills you have in terms of software and hardware systems and other technical skills.
  • Remember that your resume is not only information regarding skills or qualifications, but it is giving a feel for who you are to employers.

Personal Business Cards…

Now that you have created a stunning resume why not add to your promotional tools by creating a personal business card. They are a cost effective way to improve your personal branding and are a vital promotional tool. Whether you’re attending networking events, job fairs or just going to social gatherings you should always carry your personal business card. They can act as your minimized resume and should also be of the highest quality and well designed. have a look at our blog post: ‘Business Card Design Trends to make a bold impression‘ to find out more about creating the ultimate business card.

Desygner business card template exampleDesygner business card template exampleDesygner business card template example

Custom email header images to get a job.

The most common way to apply for a job is through email, so it is important you make the most of this. Creating visually engaging email headers to catch your potential employer’s eye is a great way to be noticed. They are a great way to give you an edge over other applicants and show your creativity and professionalism before the employer has even read your resume. The purpose of your email header is to grab attention so remember to use bold and bright colors and minimal text, here’s an example:

Desygner email header template example

Social media profiles…

If you’re looking to get a job and your Facebook profile picture shows you in the club necking a bottle of champagne, then you might want to change it. These days almost all employers utilize social media sites in their hiring process. Your social media profiles give employers the chance to get a glimpse of who you are outside of your resume and interview, so it is important that you “tidy” these up if you want to get a job. Going private is one option, however, you can utilize your social media profiles to depict how you want to be perceived by employers. This is as simple as sharing some job relevant articles, writing a post that shows your interest in a certain industry, talking about your achievements and setting suitable profile pictures. 


LinkedIn cover photos…

Your LinkedIn profile should be used to brand yourself professionally and network rather than socialize. This is a valuable asset when applying for jobs and the first impression will start with your cover photo. You may wish to include an image of yourself, your name, favorite quote or keep it simple with just an image. 

Desygner LinkedIn cover photo template example

Desygner LinkedIn cover photo template example

Now, Time to get a job…

Now that you have all the self-promotional tools you need to get a job, the last thing you need to work on is yourself. There are many aspects that can help or hinder your chances to get a job. It is important that you prepare yourself mentally and physically when you begin looking for employment.

Don’t forget to DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Prepare for the hard hitting questions like “so what is your biggest weakness?” or “why do you think we should hire you?”. Research about the company or industry you are applying for, ask lots of questions and be yourself! You know you have what it takes to get a job, so make sure you let them know too!

Don’t forget that Desygner is free and easy to use, so take advantage and sign up today.

And finally, Good Luck!

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