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New York team, Lisbon team, and Paris team are managing and localizing their marketing materials

Over 15,000 global brands are managed with Desygner

Keller Williams
Coldwell Banker
Commonwealth Bank
Anne Arundel Medical Center

Brand management before Desygner

  • You are using too many tools to create your designs.
  • Your experienced designers are frustrated performing endless small changes.
  • You and your team are concerned about design consistency and version control of your branded designs.
messy designers trying to control the brand styleguide
Control Design Changes

Brand management with Desygner. Ensure control and consistency.

  • You’ve created beautiful templates with settings and restrictions on what your teams can change on any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world.
  • Every marketer has access to a simple editor where they can create new materials based on your templates.
  • Your team no longer wastes time on small changes. Rather, they now create bespoke campaigns and plan ahead.
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Ensure every design complies with your brand book.

Upload and store all your brand assets in one central location. From logos and colors to fonts, images, text blocks and videos.

Restrict specific elements of your templates so marketers and content authors can edit only what you pre-determine and in ways you allow them to.

Brand Guidelines Enforcer
a user is updating the content of a template with the updated data
The Brand Asset tool showing how the colors, logos, images, and fonts are organized on Web and App

Store, manage and update all brand assets from one single location.

Enjoy unlimited storage with Desygner and manage your logos, colors, images, videos, fonts, text blocks.

Setup an end distribution date for templates to ensure everyone has access to up-to-date assets only.

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Empower your teams with ready-to-market, localized campaigns.

Set the campaign structure once and watch cascade it down from global to regional, national, and local levels.

All your campaigns are saved as drafts after creation, allowing administrators to review and publish them according to your schedule.

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The Capella Bank's New York team is organizing their marketing campaigns and their images library
Import PDFs

Create design efficiencies with powerful connectors.

Your designers can import files from Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator into Desygner within minutes.

They can continue working on software familiar to them whilst rolling out their work for anyone to reuse within Desygner.

Connect, Integrate & Secure

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