Transform marketing materials into editable branded templates

Templates can be customized by anyone whilst keeping your brand’s identity intact.

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A mix of read and blue branded templates created on desygner enterprise

Thousands of businesses and millions of users enjoy Desygner's Branded Templates

Keller Williams for DDC page
Coldwell Banker for DDC page
Pepsico for DDC page
Walmart for DDC page
Emirates for DDC page
Vodacom for DDC page
Domino for DDC page
Accor for DDC page
Fibertel for DDC page
Commonwealth Bank for DDC page
Cisco for DDC page
Woolworths for DDC page
Sinclair for DDC page
Anne Arundel for DDC page
Endsleigh for DDC page
Daimler for DDC page
Carrefour for DDC page
Accenture for DDC page for DDC page
IT for DDC
Manpower for DDC page
Tata for DDC page for DDC page
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What are branded templates?

Templates are branded content designs that can be modified by different people without changing the original file. They are a blueprint that anyone can use to create graphics or documents for your brand more easily. It helps you to achieve uniform design, and formatting by prescribing layouts, visuals, fonts, colours, logos and content.

How are branded templates created?

They can be generated from PDF files, copied and resized from existing company templates, or designed on Desygner’s online editor, which contains thousands of professionally-designed starter styles. You can then apply restrictions to control what can be modified so that your brand guidelines are always followed.

a pdf file is being converted to an editable template

What types of templates can I create?

Businesses of all sizes using branded templates for social media, web and print, including

Who should I share branded templates with?

Templates can be shared with anyone within or outside of an organisation, including

  • Newsletters
  • Letterheads
  • Sales representatives
  • Online display adverts for Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  • Social Media Posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat Geofilters
  • Blog post graphics
  • Sales presentations
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Invoices
  • Invites
  • Staff members
  • Sales representatives
  • Stores
  • Influencers
  • Resellers
  • External contractors
  • Customers
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Branded templates keep your designs consistent

Creating branded templates is the easiest way to share customisable designs, whilst keeping your images on-brand and cohesive with your visual identity. When all your images have a common look, your followers and customers instantly recognise the image as yours. This helps you with engagement, brand recognition and a more loyal following.

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Control how your users change the content

Branded templates provide the guideline for what can be published. By using restrictions, you can give editable access to your content, whilst making sure people are not using outdated company information, reducing price under the approved minimum, extending a promotion after a set date, and so on.

The editor is showing different types of restrictions of images, logos, and text such as restrictions on movements
Restrict Actions

Brand assets managed at the user level

Simply transform your images into a branded template to gain full control over how they are utilised. You can ensure your images are watermarked for brand protection and that they are only used as per their license. You can also control what text can be added to an image and if images can be shared, downloaded or used on print files.

Create more marketing materials, efficiently

Branded templates allow marketing managers, designers and business owners to focus on marketing activities as opposed to spending time producing content to suit specific needs. Staff members, reps, local stores, and customers can choose from a selection of pre-made layouts to build upon, and use customisable media as required.

After Desygner
New York team, Lisbon team, and Paris team are managing and localizing their marketing materials

Anyone can create branded content

User-generated promotions can be done quickly and simply, as brands can allow staff members, customers and influencers to put their own voice on their campaigns using branded templates. Let others change text and replace images in a controlled way, and share your content with their audience.

Print any branded material, from anywhere

Once you have designed your stunning new collateral let us take care of the printing and having it delivered straight to your door.

Nicole Neboshynsky

We started with tight restrictions on the templates so only text, images and logos could be swapped out. It is great to give access to the entire organization, but keep brand and visual consistency. Our team has benefited the most from using Desygner because we have decreased our flyer production by 40% allowing our whole team to put more focus on other projects.

Nicole Neboshynsky
Creative Services Supervisor – Anne Arundel Medical Center
Healthcare | 5,000+ staff | 380 beds | Maryland, US

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