• Sinclair Pharma is a global aesthetics company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company has offices in Western Europe, United States, South Korea, Mexico and Brazil, and is supported by a global network of partners and distributors.
  • Sinclair's local offices and partners around the world are empowered to create their own, localized marketing materials on the Desygner platform. Brand consistency is ensured by the Brand Guidelines Enforcer.
  • Sinclair's central Marketing team in the UK now spends more time on strategic planning and creating bespoke designs to boost the company's growth.
Natasha Pederson

Natasha Pederson

Digital Marketer, Sinclair Pharma

“We rolled out Desygner to our business partners in markets like Hong Kong, where we didn’t have any social media presence. Now they create their own posts locally and we can trust that they’re always on-brand. They simply need to localize the messaging.”


  • The marketing department needed to have a single repository for all brand assets where users could access, edit and publish without the need to download large files, use specialized design software and risk hurting their brand guidelines.
  • Sinclair entities required flexibility to access, edit and publish marketing materials from any location and on all devices.
  • They were after a tool that was simple enough to use, yet powerful enough to create professional, on-brand materials.

Solutions Delivered

  • Desygner’s Pro solution was the exact fit for Sinclair’s marketing team to upload and create templates for each brand to access and use anywhere in the world. Using restrictions and the workflow system means greater control over brand consistency.
  • With 100% immediate syncing technology, every asset built in the web platform is instantly available within the app for Android and iOS and vice versa. Users create social media posts on the go from any location in the world.
  • The Desygner platform provides all-in-one template creation synced with the online editor, so no additional software is required. Everyone uses the same simple, user-friendly interface. The teams work seamlessly together, regardless of physical distances and timezone differences.
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Growing the global footprint

Sinclair’s global teams adopted the Desygner tools particularly for mobile as a fast and easy way to manage design assets in remote locations and on-the-go.

Growing the global footprint

Boosting brand awareness & clinic customers

By using the Desygner platform, Sinclair’s physicians boosted their presence on social media, created new opportunities and attracted a new stream of clients to their clinics.

Launching new campaigns, globally

With the work flow and feed features of Desygner, Sinclair’s marketing team uses their spare time to build new and advantageous campaign strategies for all of their brands. Monitoring how and where a design is being used is now effortless.

Launching new campaigns, globally

About Sinclair Pharma

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