• Techstars is an American seed accelerator founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Fewer than 1% of the over 17,000 applicants are accepted and they are currently facilitating events and programs in over 150 countries worldwide.
  • Techstars is the number one Global Tech Accelerator, a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs on a path to success.


We interviewed Jessica Ford, Brand Communications Manager, Sorawi Phongsakonsunthon, Customer Success Coordinator and Kerri Popperwell Launchpad Community Curator at Falmouth University and recent winner of Techstars Startup weekend.

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Jessica Ford

Jessica Ford

Marketing Brand and Team Leader, Techstars

“Having everyone on one platform on Desygner has really allowed us to provide one cohesive experience which has accelerated our success in creating branded materials.”


  • No centralized platform for the community to work within.
  • Could only provide basic brand guidelines.
  • Time to communicate and create branded materials was taking too long to produce.
  • The community felt like they were on their own in creating branded content.
  • Needed restricted template solutions so branding could be inline with marketing guidelines.

Solutions Delivered

  • An integrated tool that is easy to use for non-designers with little training required.
  • Effective design communication of updated rebranding and brand guidelines were created easily and efficiently for an ‘on-brand everytime’ experience.
  • Organized files and Digital Asset Management to support promotional materials of events.
  • Restrictions options to ensure materials stayed on-brand every time anywhere in the world.
  • A marketing localization engine that gives communities in any country the need locally to expand on-brand content creating, printing, and publishing beyond central teams.
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Easy & Seamless Training

The Techstars internal marketing team work with many different startup businesses and also many students so they required a tool that was extremely easy to set up for anyone to navigate, no matter what their graphic design experience levels.

Easy & Seamless Training

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Using Desygner’s restrictions tool has allowed Techstars to confidently produce materials for all their community members and events world-wide, knowing they still have freedom of creativity when designing that will always be on-brand. The central marketing team can then set the appropriate colors and fonts, and logos with peace of mind that the Techstars branding will remain as intended.

Localization & Time Efficiency

By using Desygner’s Marketing Localization Engine and Automation process, Techstars is able to use the resizing features for their marketing and event requirements. This is especially beneficial for designing both pre-event marketing promotions for social media and also printed flyers and brochures at an event.

Localization & Time Efficiency

About Techstars

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