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Desygner's brand management hub helps you to oversee every aspect of your brand - from centralizing your brand assets to the creation & distribution of on-brand materials.

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Brand Asset Management

Desygner goes further than your typical Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. By storing your brand assets, including fonts, colors, icons & more, your teams can seamlessly leverage on-brand materials in all of their content.  

Define brand guidelines - with brand fonts, colors, logos, icons, & text snippets all stored in a central hub, your teams can stay on-brand every single time.

Smart assets - replace smart assets once & watch them update across every linked template & design. Ensure all of your assets - from brand logos to text disclaimers are always up-to-date & compliant.  

Multi-brand management - create individual workspaces for all your brands & have information trickle down from a master brand. 



Brand Templating Solution

Empower your teams to become guided creators with Desygner's templating solution. Give your marketers the tools to create stylish on-brand materials, while keeping your design experts in the driving seat.


Create from scratch or import existing designs - Desygner's intuitive editor allows anyone to create beautiful templates in seconds. Or, leave it to the design experts, who can import from their favourite tools.

Set granular restrictions - armed with the most advanced restrictions in the market, empower your design teams to always stay in control.

Automate design creation - utilize smart assets and fields to adapt multiple templates at once - or auto-populate designs based on the user's profile data.

Why our customers choose Desygner:

“Our real estate agents are now empowered with consistent branding. They are empowered to do things themselves. They are empowered to save money because they don’t have to outsource marketing materials anymore.”

“We needed a platform to optimize our marketing materials and be able to use a standardized brand identity in all of our agencies. We were looking for something easy to use, but something that we could use with the local printers.”

“Our company didn’t have any social media going at all for physicians and now they create their own posts. With Desygner, we can trust that they’re not saying something off-brand. Literally anyone can use it without any previous editing experience.”


Creative Workflow Management

Streamline communication between HQ and local teams, and manage your ongoing creative tasks seamlessly from within the Desygner platform.  

Centralize workflow management - with a dedicated Tasks hub, you can quickly assign actions and edits in one place. Provide a due date, add comments & attach files for seamless project management.

Track and optimize - filter tasks by status to track your creative pipeline and plan your projects accordingly. Easily view other users' pending tasks to assign work and progress projects efficiently.

Oversee your team - check on user progress and output in real-time via an actions feed. Use it as a safeguard to stop users from working on incorrect projects, or step in to support users who need help.



Guided Campaign Management

Don't just ensure your assets are created on-brand, ensure they're used on-brand. With guided campaign management, brand teams can make certain assets are utilized at the right time, in the right way.


Distribute via Collections - group assets into Collections (aka campaigns) and share with the teams who need them. Schedule Collections to be live for set periods and notify teams with usage guidelines.

Print or post seamlessly - allow users to send designs to print, or post directly to the brand's social channels. Alternatively, schedule posts from within the native mobile app.

Collaborate with Guests - share brand assets and templates with users outside your organization, such as partners or influencers. Allow anyone to create without requiring a Desygner account. 

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