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What sets Desygner apart from Canva for Teams?

All of the below - and more:

  • Design Automation

  • Advanced Restrictions

  • Import Existing Designs

  • Brand Compliance

Auto create

Populate multiple designs at once and go-to-market faster, via smart automation tools.

Desygner's Auto-Create feature allows your teams to populate templates to their needs, while your branding stays intact. Text and imagery can be auto-populated based on profile data, or manually entered to fit a template's needs. Empower your teams to adapt content at scale, and at speed.

Canva lacks any design automation features.



Empower your teams to become guided creators, with granular template restrictions.

Desygner boasts the most advanced template restrictions in the market, allowing your design teams to always stay in control. Lock specific elements, control input types (eg. email vs phone number), apply positioning margins, and control virtually every aspect of your design.

Canva is inflexible in comparison, offering only 3 types of basic restrictions.


Importing PDF & End-user edits

Import from your designer's favorite tools, including the Adobe Suite and Figma.

While Desygner allows anyone to create great designs from a drag-and-drop interface, you still want your expert designers to use their favourite tools. With Desygner you can import InDesign files, Figma pages, and PDF files (or any file that can be saved as a PDF), and our platform will auto-convert them into editable templates for your non-designers to utilise. Get the best of both worlds!

Canva supports PDF only, & when importing we found it to be imprecise.


Replace smart assets

Ensure your content is always on-brand and always legally compliant with smart assets.

With Desygner you can link 'smart assets' to templates and designs - meaning if they're updated once, they're updated everywhere! This means you can change out license-expired imagery or outdated logos in an instant. Also, because you can input text as an asset, you can quickly replace legal disclaimers and marketing callouts, ensuring brand compliance. Regain your peace of mind!

Canva does not support smart assets, or an equivalent feature.


And yes, we also have the design tools you need

Animations? Background Remover? Thousands of templates and elements? We've got you covered.

Effortlessly create engaging marketing materials in a single online platform. With tools such as background remover, animations, PDF editing, and millions of stock photos at your fingertips, you can create powerful on-brand marketing with ease. It's time to democratize design!



Compare Desygner vs Canva for Teams

See below for a feature-by-feature comparison


Why our customers choose Desygner over Canva


“Desygner’s willingness to partner with us and roll out continuous solutions like the Global Print Network and Power PDF Editor allowed us to differentiate. We now have an ideal platform for our real estate needs versus some of our competitors that may have partnered or subsidized with Canva; there’s a big difference. We actually use that fact as a differentiator in our marketing materials.”

Neil Dholakia
Chief Product Officer, Keller Williams

What to consider before choosing a
Brand Management platform


Who is able to create and manage brand assets?

Is anyone in your firm able to create powerful brand content? Are design teams given the tools and freedom to produce and distribute on-brand assets?  Desygner offers the best of both worlds. With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, anyone (with the granted permissions!) can create or adapt marketing materials. Meanwhile, expert design teams can continue to use the tools they know and love to create assets, while never having to deal with the minor changes that take their attention away from the creative zone. 

How easy is it to stay compliant and on-brand?

Will you need to refresh your marketing call-outs in the future? Will you undergo a rebranding at some point? It's hard to predict how your brand identity will change in the future, but some change (in some shape or form) is inevitable. With Desygner's smart assets you can easily replace out-of-date images, elements, and text blocks, across all of your templates in a few clicks. This means no more worrying about legal complexities, or branding inconsistencies. 

Can you enable your teams to go to market quickly while maintaining brand guidelines?

How can you produce marketing content at speed, while also ensuring brand consistency? Is it possible to have one without sacrificing the other? Through Desygner's granular template restrictions, alongside smart design automation tools, you can have the best of both worlds. Empower your teams to become guided designers with easy-to-adapt templates, and remove design bottlenecks. Design automation tools allow teams to go to market even faster, by creating on-brand content at scale. 


How easy is it to distribute your brand assets?

How can you ensure everyone has access to the assets they need? How can you educate your teams about what content can be used, and when? With Desygner's digital asset management (DAM) solution, you can create brand kits, and upload company assets into a centralized hub. Create multiple workspaces so different teams or sub-brands can access only the files they need. Create collections of templated marketing materials for specific events, promotions, or seasonal holidays, schedule them to be live for specified periods, and notify teams of how they should be used. 


Need further convincing?

Just a few more features that set us apart from Canva for Teams:


Guided Campaign Management 
Create collections of templates, schedule them to go live for set periods (perfect for promotions & events), and notify users with usage guidelines.

Automated Translation
Instantly translate text from a master template to a local team's design. Create custom adaptations, so your translations are always accurate. 

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White label-1

Public Access Portal 
Provide access to the public to allow anyone to create (guided!) user-generated content - perfect for influencers & social campaigns.

White-label Platform 
Brand your Desygner platform with your logos and colours. Create a custom domain for easy access.

Still considering Canva? Ensure brand consistency with Desygner


To the best of our knowledge, all competitor information compiled on this page is correct as of January 2023