Desygner's Elevator Pitch

Desygner is a collaborative design tool with 1000's of ready-made templates that can easily be tweaked, published and printed in minutes from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Create personal projects such as event invitations and Facebook headers, to business projects such as email campaigns, social media posts, online adverts, presentations and business cards. Desygner allows anyone to create and publish beautiful designs in minutes.

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What makes us 'us'

We're focused on developing a stable and open platform where you can expect to render print files with pixel perfect precision, search through millions of royalty-free images from across the internet, and import images and text from existing files.

We are also the only online tool to allow you to design and edit your designs from any device.

From Rags to Beta

We started to developing the Desygner technology three years ago. We tried to get investments, but we needed a minimum viable product (MVP) to get users, we needed users to get funding, and needed funding to build an MVP.

Against the odds, we pushed ahead, even when other companies were spending millions developing similar technologies and we had nothing.

Working out of a rented apartment that doubled as living quarters, we used to hide everyone's desks every time the real-estate agent decided it was time for an inspection.

And even though we set up to be an Internet company, we started with no Internet.

Because of the office touristy location and drama with 2 different Internet providers, part of the product was developed without a broadband connection.

We used coffee houses and other venues with accessible Wi-Fi. By establishing the company on the Gold Coast in Australia, we gave ourselves a chance to work lean with cheaper rent build a diverse team, including people from Brazil, Spain, India, France, Russia, United States, England and Australia.

This has allowed us to develop Desygner with an international user base in mind. 400,000 of lines of code and many coffees later, Desygner would become something we are extremely proud of.

... And Here We Are

With the launch of open beta in December of 2015, Desygner is aiming to disrupt the online design market with a mobile-friendly solution, focused on collaboration, simplicity and openness. Work on the product continues with more intensity than ever.

Along with continuing to strive to make our online design editor tool and mobile app as smooth a user experience as possible, we're also working tirelessly with translators to bring you Desygner in as many languages as possible.

Currently we host full translations of Desygner in French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and German, with many more to come in the near future.

These are just a few of the exciting things we have in store for 2016 and beyond.

Desygner Founders

Alexander Rich

I learned to code when I was 9 on my C64, got the bug then and never lost it. No matter how many other industries I have tried, nothing has ever given me the same joy as being in Information Technology. I LOVE I.T.!

Mariana Aguiar

I lived in 3 different continents, learned English at the age of 25 (excuse my accent), and worked with many different startups and growing businesses. I have a thing or two for technology, design and outside-the-box ideas.

Sayan Bhattacharyya

I moved from India to Australia a few years ago to study at the Australian National University, where I got my Master of Software Engineering. My passions are programming, architecture, and scalability. I live and breath technology, coffee and funny memes.