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Corporate Marketing Hub

A powerful hub to create, import, control, share and publish your marketing assets to your desired platforms. Accessible for anyone across your creative, marketing and sales departments with no training required.

Integrate with your systems and export branded marketing assets directly to your CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce platform, website and print house.

“If another franchisor, say Burger King, came to me and said, ‘Hey, I need a way of delivering content out to all of our franchisees and we need to be able to control what’s happening’, I would say, ‘Yes, I would recommend Desygner.’”  

Neil Dholakia
Chief Product Officer – Keller Williams, US.

Neil Dholakia, chief product officer at Keller Williams in the United States

Digital Asset Management 3.0

Store, organize, manage and ensure your digital assets are always up-to-date across all templates, designs and content. Automatically replace license-expired imagery, compliance and disclaimer text blocks, colors and logos across all pre-made templates and designs.

Give controlled access to certain user groups and restrict parts of the template to ensure your brand and message consistency.

“What appealed to us the most about Desygner was the platform’s ease-of-use, the large file storage and the ability to lockdown aspects of the designs.” 

Nicole Neboshynsky
Creative Services Supervisor – Anne Arundel Medical Center, US.

Sub Workspaces

Marketing Localization Engine

Accelerate your go-to-market local campaigns and watch your brand take over the world. Set the campaign structure once and watch our AI cascade it down to your users based on your organization’s requirements. Your AI keeps learning. Your marketing automation algorithm keeps improving.

Start by creating a high-level set of templates including your main print and digital marketing materials. Set up as many sub-workspaces as needed to localize your content automatically.

“We rolled out Desygner to our business partners in markets like Hong Kong, where we didn’t have any social media presence. Now they create their own posts locally and we can trust that they’re always on brand. They simply need to localize the messaging.” 

Natasha Pederson
Digital Marketer – Sinclair Pharma, UK.

Natasha Pederson, Digital Marketer at Sinclair Pharma in United Kingdom

Brand Guidelines Enforcer

Create a consistent brand experience that you decide exactly how each element of your templates can be modified. Control how your users can edit your designs, content and files.

Use pre-defined restrictions and straightforward tick-boxes to set your restrictions. No need to code or use a complicated system to decide what can be changed.

“Our main issue was the time and effort it took for our Operations Pastors to create designs for their locations. Desygner solved that problem and helped us build brand consistency across all of our locations.”  

Jeremy Brown
Art Director – Life.Church, US. 


Power PDF Editor

The world’s only PDF import, editor and template solution to edit, track changes and turn your PDF files into templates that provides business efficiencies across your entire organization.

Convert all your PDF, Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files into editable templates with only a few clicks.

“I really like being able to import PDFs. I can create the design in Adobe, import it into Desygner and offer it as a new template that everyone can use.”  

Raffaella Pace
Marketing Manager – Coldwell Banker, Italy.

Raffaella Pace, marketing manager at Coldwell Banker in Italy

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