Create a consistent brand experience with Brand Guidelines Enforcer.

You decide exactly how each element of your templates
can be modified.

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A template is showing all the restrictions such as image, logos and usage restrictions

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Control how your users change the design

Define how images, fonts, colors, logos and placements can be changed.

Let anyone use your branded materials with the guarantee that the design will not look different from what you had intended.

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a user is adding font and color restrictions on his template to control the brand guideline
a user is changing a locked template keeping the brand guideline under control

Control how your users change the content

Stop content falling outside your brand values and incorrect information being published.

Prevent others from using out-of-date company information, reducing a price under a certain amount, extending a promotion after a set date, using products from old collections, or adding profanities.

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Control what users do with the file

Don’t want users sharing certain materials on social media or printing them without your authorization?

No problem, you can restrict users from downloading, sharing and printing designs created from a template.

a manager is viewing the details of a print request from susan in order to accept her request
apply user restrictions and control what users can add what they can't add

Control what users can add

Perhaps you want someone to be able add their logo, but not include extra text that will change the messaging of your materials?

Choose exactly what can be edited, added, and from what sources, including royalty-free stock images, company assets, personal assets, social media pages and personal profiles.

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Simple setup

Use pre-defined restrictions and straightforward tick-boxes to set restrictions.

No need to code or use a complicated system to decide what can be changed.

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The editor is showing different types of restrictions of images, logos, and text such as restrictions on movements
a blue bank template where you can not move the logo, you can resize the text and replace the image

Dummy-proof usage

Based on your restrictions, Desygner’s Brand Guidelines Enforcer will give users specific directions on how each template can be edited. There is no learning curve required for them to use your branded marketing materials the way you intended.

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Check the breadth of the Brand Guidelines Enforcer.

Here is a full list of what can be restricted:

Using external content

Use own images

Use web images

Access to Desygner backgrounds

Access to Desygner vector images

Text elements in the designs

Resize text box

Change opacity

Change color



Rotate & Flip


Change layer order

Change content

Change font size

Change spacing

Change alignment

Change style

Vector & logo elements in the designs

Change size

Change opacity

Change color



Rotate & Flip


Change layer order

Change stroke

Text customisation

Allow any content

Specify numeric content, minimum and maximum

Specify text content

Specify dates, from and to

Specify minimum and maximum, prices and currency

Only accept emails

Adding content

Add text

Add images

Add vectors

Add logos

Image elements in the designs

Resize image box

Change opacity



Rotate & Flip


Change layer order

Change filter

Crop or reposition within frame


Replace image

Image replacement

Specify images or sources of images that can be used to replace

Logo replacement

Specify logos or sources of logos that can be used to replace

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