Local area marketing made easy for franchisors and franchisees

Ensure brand consistency while franchisees create branded marketing materials as needed.

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Join over 15,000 franchises and global businesses in accelerating local area marketing

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Before Desygner

Managing franchise marketing before Desygner

  • You have many franchisees in different parts of the country (or across the globe) craving for a simple way to promote your branded products by adding a local flavor, connecting to their local buyers and community.
  • They have the brand guidelines and some outdated marketing materials you sent, but they need to constantly create new promotions to increase sales or foot traffic.
  • They need to do this fast, responding to market needs and fluctuations, so they keep pushing your central marketing and design departments for more materials.

Managing franchise marketing with Desygner

  • You don’t need to grow your marketing and design teams at the same pace you grow your franchise network.
  • You create a collection of beautiful, on-brand templates with restrictions in place of what your franchisees can and cannot edit.
  • They finally have a full suite of marketing materials that they can edit quickly and easily on one handy platform.
  • Now your marketing and design teams can focus on strategic work while you watch your brand grow, monitoring the beautiful materials produced by your franchise network.
The marketing team, sales team & design Team are using a marketing hub system for their projects
PDF conversion to Template

Franchise marketing made easy with branded templates

Create branded templates from scratch or upload your existing PDF artworks into Desygner, turning them into fully editable templates which your franchisees can easily update.

Change every element on the page, setting restrictions and options to make it super simple for anyone to make changes when they want to localize your designs for menus, in-store signage, social media posts, flyers and other marketing materials.

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Brand consistency across your franchise network

Set up campaigns and branded templates with restrictions and guidelines on every element so your teams can easily edit and use your materials the way you want them to.

See who is using the templates and how they are editing them.

Enforce Guidelines Franchise
Communication Strategy

Best-in-class marketing support to build a loyal network

New promotions are managed quickly and simply by allowing your franchisees to put their own voice on your campaigns, editing your branded templates.

Your users will love the simplicity and speed of the Desygner platform and will be eager to extend your branded campaigns and messaging to their networks.

Design, edit & print all your collateral from one place

Once you have designed your stunning new collateral let us take care of the printing and having it delivered straight to your door.

Raffaella Pace, marketing manager at Coldwell Banker in Italy

We needed a platform to optimize the creation of our marketing materials with the ability to use a common brand identity across all our agencies. Desygner is an incredibly useful platform that simplifies my life. Whenever I show it to my colleagues in other regions, their feedback is “Wow, this will solve our problems!.

Raffaella Pace
Marketing Manager – Coldwell Banker, Italy
American real estate franchise with 64 franchise agencies around Italy | 49 countries | 3,000+ offices

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Explore how Coldwell Banker is using Desygner

To manage their marketing materials for 64 franchise agencies and keep brand consistency.
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