How to change the background?

In Desygner you can put a background photograph or color the background with the color that you like. Keep reading to know the steps to follow:

Put a background Photo

First, place the mouse in the image gallery as the image shows.

  1. Select or upload the image that you like.
  2. Move the mouse over it.
  3. Click on “Set as background”


Change the background color

If you have a background image at the moment, you will have to delete it first:

  1. Click on the background to select it.
  2. Click on the “trash can” icon that will appear on the upper right corner.

Once we have a blank canvas:

  1. Select the white background.
  2. Change the color in the toolbar which will appear at the top.

  1. Create a new design
  2. Click on “Images” to add an image. The image will immediately appear in your design.
  3. Select your image and click on the lower toolbar on “Put as background”
  4. Click on “Reposition” If you want to move the photo.  

Put a Background Color

  1. Once your new design has been created.
  2. Select the background.
  3. Change the color in the toolbar that you will be able to see at the bottom.