How to place an image into a shape?

The placeholders are responsible for helping us to create these images. And what is a placeholder? They are “spaces” where we can later place an image by simply dragging it from the gallery.

Placing images into shapes in Desygner is very simple.

1 Choose the figure or shape that you like and add it to your canvas.

2 Select your form and you will see a toolbar at the top.

3 Click on “Convert to image box”

4 Drag from our image gallery or upload and drag your own image.

5 Do not forget to download with a transparent background to remove the white background.

How to crop an image into a circle

  1. Add the shape to your canvas.
  2. Select it (click on it).
  3. In the toolbar located at the bottom, click “Convert to an image box”.
  4. Select your picture box (placeholder).
  5. In the toolbar press “Replace”.


How to crop an image into a circle