How to report an issue?

Send us your report

Clicking on this button opens the Desygner Support Assistant:

Please, provide this information:

  • Email under the Desygner account.
  • Are you having this issue only in one design or in all of them? 
    • One design
    • All the designs I create
  • Describe what do you want to do and what is happening.
  • Try to identify the steps that cause the error.
  • Please Upload videos or screenshots.

What happens if we can not reproduce your issue?

Our team needs to reproduce the problem and in order to do so, we need you to give us very detailed information about what is happening.

If you describe the error in a very general way, our customer service team will have to ask you more specific questions about the problem you are experiencing. This can be somewhat tedious and for this reason, we make so much emphasis that the descriptions have to be well thought out and detailed.

Thank you for your patience

Thank you very much for taking the time to report to our team. Thanks to this we can offer you a better experience and make our tool better and better.

Have a good day!
Desygner’s team