What is a Safe Area?

The “Safe Area” of your design is used as a guide so that your important elements like logos or text, for example, are not too close to the edge of the paper when it is printed and cut.

Just like bleed, having a little allowance on your design will ensure you receive a perfect result even if the printing company cuts your paper or card a little off the mark.

Checking the Safe Area

Within the Editor, choose File and then Show Safe Area. A semi-transparent red area will show up on your design when you move elements towards the edge of the artwork. It is best to keep your elements within these boundaries unless you intentionally want to have an element bleed off the edge.

business card safe area

Setting the Safe Area with Digital Print or the Global Print Network

When you choose to purchase prints and go through the initial paper choice steps, you will come to a section where the platform will show you the safe area on your design to check that you have adjusted your elements to sit within this area. You can make adjustments here to ensure that the elements are not too close to the edge.