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Birthday Ideas

It’s someone’s birthday every day and you’re probably here because you need some quick birthday card ideas for someone specials birthday that’s coming up.

Luckily for you, all the designs that we show can be made by you on our free online card maker. We’re not only going to save you money, but we’re going to save you time and effort by not having to go the store and try to pick another generic card from the thousands on the shelf.

These days sending a quick “happy birthday” text or Facebook message has no personal feel and will fizzle out like the sparkler on a cake. Nothing quite beats the feeling of receiving something personal in our hands other than the feeling of giving someone something and watching their face light up because they know you care.

Below are some of our birthday card ideas to make that moment oh so special and help you stand out from all the “hb’s” on Facebook.

We hope it can inspire you to make a personal birthday card that will make a lasting memory.

First things first, Who is the card for? Narrow it down to the age or relationship you have with this person that way you can make it more personal.

Is the birthday card for:

  • A client or your boss?
  • Your best friend?
  • Someone in your family?
  • Someone reaching a milestone birthday?

Knowing who the birthday card is for will help you decide on which style is appropriate for your card.

Age Specific Birthday Card Ideas

Consider the milestones here. Usually, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and up are the most common birthday milestones. Try put the number in a big and bold font as its an important milestone. There are some quirky ideas related to each milestone for example:

Sweet 16 Birthday Card Template

18 Years Old Birthday Card Template

21 Years Old Birthday Card Template

30 years old Birthday Card Template

50 Years Old Birthday Card Template

Formal Birthday Card Ideas

These cards work especially well in a professional setting. This means, clients, colleagues and even your boss. We recommend you keep it simple and clean because a little goes a long way and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Stick to one or two colors, easy to read fonts and a symmetrical layout.


Formal Birthday-Card-Template  Formal Happy Birthday-Card-Template

Funny Birthday Card Ideas

Who doesn’t like a funny card for their birthday? This is your chance to have fun and maybe even make a personal joke only they will get. These work great for siblings or best friends.


Brother Birthday Card Template

Funny Birthday-Card-Template


Funny Birthday Card Template

Funny Birthday Card Template




Spouses Birthday Card Ideas

To be a little bit more personal than just your average hallmark, you can add your special person’s name. Keep it simple and elegant unless you have a cheesy joke that’s sure to make them laugh then opt for a more playful card with an inside joke.


Wife Birthday Card Template

Spouse Birthday Card Template


Children’s Birthday Cards

Children’s cards can be super fun to create because they’re so playful and help us to remember the joys of youth. Keep the font size big and the font type easy to read for the little ones. Use vibrant colors and be fun with it.

Superhero Birthday Card Template

Child Birthday Card Template




We hope this has given you some birthday card ideas that you can use for your special person. We have hundreds of card templates ready to go or you can create your own like we did.

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