Complete control over your branded content templates

You can now create your own brand driven templates either from scratch or by simply importing your existing creative files in PDF format.
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Equip anyone to design on your behalf

Update your marketing materials with new images, prices, addresses, names, dates, call-to-actions or anything else you may need, without having to get a designer or agency involved. We Brand enables anyone in your organizations to access, edit and distribute content, whilst ensuring the brand stays consistent along the way.

Your brand identity & content are safe

Say good-bye to wrong fonts, colours, logos and placements compromising your brand’s visual identity. Stop others from using your digital assets differently than was intended. No more incorrect information being published. Stop others from using outdated company information, reducing price under a certain amount, extending a promotion after a set date, and much more.
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Import your existing creative in PDF format

Take your existing creative files that are in PDFs and import them directly for you to turn into branded templates. Export from any Adobe product and simply import into We Brand for you to access instantly.
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Some of the benefits you can expect:

  • No software to buy or install.
  • Access via iOS and Android apps, or on the web.
  • Easy setup via PDFs or ready to go designs.
  • World’s easiest drag & drop editor.
  • Easy for anyone to use, no learning curve.
  • Pay as you go model and subscription.

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