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Create a suite of branded marketing assets that anyone in your organization can edit without design skills or special software. Use We Brand to free up your marketing and creative teams to work on what’s most important to your business goals.
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Before We Brand:

There are many teams in your organization that use branded materials for social media, client presentations, printed materials and more. From the marketing team to the sales team and even the resellers, everyone should be able to create content with your company’s message. It gets messy and complicated keeping up with it all and you never know if your marketing assets are being used as intended not to mention the strain on your creative team’s time as they re-make the same designs for everyone’s needs.
before we brand

After We Brand:

All of your company’s branded templates are located in one handy design editing platform with set restrictions on what users can edit, add and delete. You can also see a live feed of what asset is being used and by whom. Better still, you now know exactly how your brand is being presented in the market giving you peace of mind and a smooth center of operations for all of your marketing materials. Now that everyone is self-sufficient, your team has the time to get on with the business goals.

What you can do with We Brand

Share your marketing campaigns easily with branded templates

Create branded templates or upload your existing artwork PDFs into We Brand and create fully editable templates which your teams can easily update without any extra software. Change every element on the page and set restrictions and options to make it super simple for anyone to make changes.

Ensure brand consistency from corporate to local

Set up campaigns and branded templates with restrictions and guidelines on every element so your teams can easily edit and use your materials the way you want them to. See who is using the templates and how successful the campaigns were. Coming soon: If anything needs updating, simply adjust the template and everyone who is using that template will be automatically notified of the update.

Make it your own with a white label design solution

Allow users and guests to feel completely engaged with your company with We Brand’s white label design interface featuring your logo and colors. They see a simple, minimalistic design that’s easy to navigate and simple to use making it a positive user experience.

Create acceptance and devotion from your team

User-generated sales and promotions are managed quickly and simply by allowing your staff members, customers and influencers to put their own voice on their campaigns using your branded templates in We Brand. Your users will love how simple and quick the platform is to use and will want to participate in spreading your brand’s image.

Keeping your company connected

Opt for a Single Sign-on (SSO) that lets users log into your branded platform from any web or mobile device using their existing usernames and passwords. This is the ideal solution for large companies and another way to ensure participation from your team.

We Brand has solved our design management problem and I think between where we are now and some of the roadmap elements that we’ve got going forward, I think we do have a differentiated solution that, quite frankly, none of the other competitors of ours actually have.
Neil Dholakia Chief Product Officer - Keller Williams Realty
Neil Dholakia

Do You Have Questions?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Can I see who is doing what with our templates?

Audit trails are necessary to manage your business, ensure consistent customer experiences and prevent copyright issues. Actions in We Brands are logged and recorded so you will see who did what and when. Every administrator sees a live Feed on what has been edited and by whom.

We have advanced, yet easy-to-use reporting tools to provide you with insights into past and future creations, operational and staff productivity, customer behavior, and attribution for quick ROI calculations. Create regional or divisional reports to control access to stores in specific geographies.

2. Can I keep track of a workflow?

We Brand includes a full workflow management function to make it easier to assign and approve jobs with your team. There is a two-way chat to facilitate communication, and advanced consumer tools to engage the right customers with the right message at the right moments.

3. Can I connect my current systems?

We Brand delivers a personalized on-boarding service through our Jumpstart program taking your current systems into consideration. We have a team of API experts who will work with your IT team to ensure a fast and smooth integration. Extensive and well-documented APIs make it easy for your developers to integrate We Brand into all of your mission critical systems with minimal effort.

4. Do I need to purchase any software?

Not at all. We Brand is completely cloud-based with unlimited storage for all of your digital assets including images, fonts, videos and more. With the powerful online editing tool, everyone in your company uses your branded templates online from any PC. The free iOS or Android app gives you access to the platform from any mobile device anywhere, any time.

5. How secure is my data and my digital assets?

We Brand utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to serve and host its application to thousands of businesses and millions of monthly users. We are in multiple availability zones and will auto scale servers during traffic spikes. In addition, the application is containerized to eliminate single points of failure.


All data transfers in We Brand use bank-grade encryption (SSL) and your data is encrypted. 

We’ll even segregate your data into its own database on certain plans.

Depending on your business needs, it may be desirable to limit access to We Brand to just users currently on your network. We let you whitelist network IP addresses to prevent access to We Brand’s web and potentially, mobile apps outside of the business.

6. We have hundreds of employees who should be using this, do I have to add them all manually?

Thankfully, no. With We Brand’s on-boarding process through our Jumpstart program, we will provision users automatically by installing a feed of hires, terminations, and role changes so you don’t have to manually add or change your users and guests on the We Brand platform.

7. Can I restrict each user’s access?

Yes and you create groups of users on different levels of access. It’s simple to setup roles and access permissions. Roles determine who views or edits your branded templates by store location or regional grouping. It even works for consumers who need access to any of your materials.

8. Does We Brand use Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Mission-critical services need enterprise grade SLAs for 99.9% uptime, response times, and customer support. All of these come standard in our enterprise agreements.

9. How do I begin?

Although We Brand is highly configurable and easy-to learn, we offer a dedicated and experienced implementation and on-boarding team through our Jumpstart program to make sure We Brand is configured optimally and your data is migrated properly. Our product trainers will prepare custom training materials for business managers and staff. Contact us in the form below to request a demo.

The We Brand online platform is 100% secure and easily accessible by you and your team from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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