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Pro Team
/ Per month
Create & manage templates
Restrict changes & enforce brand guidelines
Set up distribution groups & alerts
View your team feed
Manage & share digital assets
Up to 1,000 guest accounts
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We Brand Ultimate Pricing
/ Per month
Request & manage creative tasks
Manage your team's workload
Chat with other users within the platforms
Approve print requests
Approve social share requests
Up to 5,000 guest accounts
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We Brand Pricing Enterprise
Multiple brand management
API & whitelabel options
Single sign on & security solutions
99.99+ Service Level Agreements
Dedicated account manager
Unlimited guest accounts
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How much is your team's time worth?

How much could you save with We Brand?

Your business will save each and every month by switching to We Brand and open itself to many more business opportunities by using the world’s only scalable distributed marketing materials platform for users to self-service.

The power of We Brand is that you can allow any user to self-service instantly without waiting for a new file to be edited and published. Simple changes of a price in an advert, an image on a flyer or a date change in a coupon or even a business card name can be done in seconds with complete assurance that the brand guidelines are followed.

Save both time and money!

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

What is the difference between members & guests?

Members have a “per user” monthly (or annual) cost, and can share, download & print files with no limitations. Guests have no cost to the organisation, as they can login and create for free. Simply subscribe to an action bucket & whenever they share, download or print a file that action is deducted from the bucket.

Why do you offer both options?

We are here to enable rather than penalise user-generated content creation and distribution. It is our mission to empower not only your team to create branded content, but also the brand’s entire network. Our pricing makes sense for users who are constantly creating content for the brand, but also enables you to get everyone else involved.

What is a bucket of actions?

The bucket of actions is a pay as you go option to use towards the shares/downloads/prints of the guests you invite for free. Once they share or print or download a file they created, that action is deducted from your bucket. You can choose to limit the numbers of action per user, and to upgrade to a bigger bucket if you run out.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes, if you remove or add new members/admins or change your bucket. You can also always move someone from admin to member to guests, and vice-versa. As we add more features, you will be able to choose which modules you want to add to your account, so you never have to pay for things you do not use.

Can we pay this via an invoice?

Yes. If your company has 20 or more users between members and admins, we can organise an invoice for an annual payment. Chat to us

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