Let Your Agents Customize Your Real Estate Marketing Assets

Give your agents the power to create with confidence and the flexibility to localize your real estate marketing campaigns. Build a suite of creative assets that anyone can edit and use without design skills or special software saving them time to devote to their customers.
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Before We Brand:

You have many agents, if not thousands, around the world busily helping customers buy and sell their properties all asking for the company’s logos, colors and other marketing resources. They often make poorly designed social media posts and flyers or spend a lot of money hiring another designer to make their local materials for them.
before we brand

After We Brand:

Your busy agents are all online using just one platform to choose a great design template that you set up. They quickly edit and share the design on social media or they print off beautiful materials showing off their properties with a professional look and feel. Your logo is the correct color and shape and your most important brand messages are intact. You know exactly who has been using which templates and how they used them.

What you can do with We Brand

Make real estate marketing easy with branded templates

Create branded templates or upload your existing artwork PDFs to make fully editable templates that your agents can easily update without any extra software. Change every element on the page and set restrictions to make it super simple for anyone to make changes when they want to localize your designs for print materials, social media and other marketing materials.

Ensure brand consistency from corporate to local agency

Set up campaigns and branded templates with restrictions and guidelines on every element so your agency teams can easily edit and use your materials the way you want them to. Easily turn campaigns on and off and publish specific materials to certain user groups with just a few clicks. See who is using the templates and how successful the campaigns were.

Support your agents and build a devoted following

Allow your agents to put their own voice on your campaigns using your branded templates in We Brand. Your users will love how simple and quick the platform is to use and will want to participate in spreading your brand’s image.

Customize We Brand to suit your needs

Let us set up direct feeds and integrate with your current real estate management systems so that all of your information appears directly in the design editor saving you time and effort. Contact us below for more information on how we can help you to become more streamlined.

The office staff in the agencies were enthusiastic about We Brand’s features. They were easy to use tools. It’s very important for us that we keep an eye on our graphics standard. We gave this tool to all of our agencies and they are very happy to use it. The benefit is that I don’t have to create each product for each agency. I create it once and then they personalize it.
Raffaella Pace Marketing Manager - Coldwell Banker Realty, Italy
Raffaella Pace

The We Brand online platform is 100% secure and easily accessible by you and your team from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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