Let User-generated Content Work for You

Empower your team and your customers to create buzz around your business and keep your brand identity intact. It’s easy and fast to get accurate content out to your teams and influencers using We Brand freeing up your time and saving you money.
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Coldwell Banker
Sinclair Pharma
Anne Arundel Medical Center
Altitude Creative Co.

Sit back and relax

Create campaigns and templates of all of your marketing materials for your users to edit and share while keeping all of the important elements locked. Using restrictions on everything from the logo to colors and text means you can relax knowing that your brand consistency is protected.

Keep it simple and be authentic

We Brand’s platform is so simple to use, everyone will feel empowered to edit and use your materials as you intended without any design skills or additional software! Every template can be automatically resized to fit any social media site or print format. It’s never been easier to share your content and be seen.

Staying on the pulse with the latest trends

Timing is everything on social media and your users are already out there, all you have to do is get your content to them with the latest information. Update your templates and alert all of your users with just a few clicks. No more frantic emails and text messages when an opportunity for promotion arises.

The We Brand online platform is 100% secure and easily accessible by you and your team from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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