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Pro Team (1 to 10 employees)
USD $21.95
per Administrator or Member license per month
All Graphic Design Features, PLUS:
Create and manage templates
Restrict changes and ensure brand consistency
Set up distribution groups and alerts
View your team feed
Manage and share digital assets
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We Brand Ultimate Pricing
Ultimate (10 to 50 employees)
USD $39.95
per Administrator or Member license per month
All that's in Pro Team, PLUS:
Request and manage creative tasks
Manage your team's workload
Chat with other users within the platforms
Approve print requests
Approve social share requests
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We Brand Pricing Enterprise
Enterprise (50+ employees)
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Talk to us about a customized plan to suit your business
White Label platform option
API integration options
Manage multiple brands
Single sign on and security solutions
99.9% Service Level Agreements
Dedicated Account Manager
Activate unlimited Guest accounts
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Produce branded content on web and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Create new content using the company’s Branded Templates.

Share, download and print finished templates.

Access the company’s Brand Assets (logos, fonts, colors, images, icons, videos, etc.).

Upload and manage the company’s Brand Assets.

Invite and manage users (Administrators, Members and Guests).

Create and manage Campaigns with Branded Templates.

Create and manage Branded Templates (import PDFs, use a pre-existing template or create a new template).

Automatically resize Templates to different dimensions for digital and print.

Set Restrictions on Branded Templates (text, colors, images, logos, sharing, downloading, printing etc.).

Notify Members and Guests when new Campaigns and Templates are available.

Questions? See our FAQs and our Pricing Calculator.

What is the difference between an Administrator and a Member?

Members have a “per user” monthly (or annual) cost, and can share, download and print files with no limitations. The Administrator has full control over the User console, all of the Campaigns, Templates and Restrictions settings.

What is a Guest account?

A Guest account is ideal for those users who don’t need your brand assets very often. You don’t need to buy a license for them, just subscribe to an Action Bucket and whenever a Guest shares, downloads or prints a file, that action is deducted from the bucket. 

You can choose to limit the numbers of Actions per user, or upgrade to a bigger bucket if you run out. If you have any other questions, contact us for help setting up.

I represent a Nonprofit business. Do I get a discount?

Yes. Contact us today and we will work out a reasonable plan to suit your needs.

I represent a School/College/University. Do I get a discount?

Yes. Contact us today and we will work out a reasonable plan to suit your needs.

Can I change my plan at any time?


You can remove or add new Members, Admins or change your Action Bucket.

Within your User settings, you can also always move someone from an Admin to a Member or a Guest, and vice-versa at any time.

As we add more features, you will be able to choose which modules you want to add to your account, so you never have to pay for things you do not use.

Can I pay with an invoice?

Yes. If your company has 50 or more users (Members and Admins), we can organize an invoice for an annual payment. Chat to us for more payment plan options.

How long is the Free Trial?

You can try We Brand for free for 14 days without entering a credit card!

If at any time during the trial you would like to subscribe, simply enter your credit card details. You can still cancel at any time during your 14-day trial and you won’t be charged.

After the 14 days, you can continue to use your account and you’ll see a charge on your card at the end of the monthly period.

If in doubt, ask a question in the Chat and we’ll work out the best plan for your needs.

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