Full-Stack Developer

Can you manage multi-lingual codebases? Are you the big picture person? Can you leap codebases in a single bound? You might be Desygners, next super developer.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

The Role

As a Senior Full-Stack Developer at Desygner, you will leverage your extensive experience to lead and mentor a team of developers in creating innovative technical solutions. You will collaborate closely with Desygner’s founders to drive product development and ensure that our platform remains cutting-edge. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Managing and optimizing multiple APIs with high traffic volume, ensuring seamless performance and reliability

  • Enhancing user interface and experience to provide an exceptional product for our users

  • Providing guidance and technical expertise to other developers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the team

  • Developing and implementing best practices for software development, ensuring that our processes are scalable and efficient as the company expands

Your deep understanding of full-stack development, combined with your leadership skills, will play a critical role in helping Desygner achieve its goals and maintain its position as a leader in the design industry.

Required Skills

  • Minimum of 6 years of solid experience in software development, with a focus on MVC backend frameworks (Symfony), Node.js building tools, CI (Jenkins), testing, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Profound expertise in PHP (MVC, ORMs, Cache, services), SQL, and network protocols to drive backend development and optimization efforts
  • A strong understanding of cloud-based solutions and micro-services architectures
  • Expertise in low-level (framework-less) HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a good grasp of component-based frontend applications
  • Proficient in using Node.js, TypeScript, React, Vue, Transpilers, and build tools for enhancing frontend development.
  • Fluency in English at an independent (level B2 or equivalent) level

Desired Skills

  • Familiarity with template engines and SEO best practices
  • Experience in SysOps and DevOps methodologies to support infrastructure and deployment processes
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services cloud platform for scalable and secure application hosting
  • Previous experience working in a startup environment, demonstrating adaptability, resourcefulness, and a proactive approach in fast-paced, dynamic settings.

Benefits & Perks

We nurture a creative, focused & fun environment. Our team is diverse in both culture and talent which makes for a superbly unique work environment without politics and hierarchy.

  • Join a cutting-edge team at Desygner with a creative and diverse environment
  • Work on high-impact solutions used by millions globally
  • Competitive compensation and generous equity options for seniority
  • Exciting career growth opportunities as a key early team member
  • Your expertise is valued and recognized in a rapidly growing startup
  • Continuous learning, development, and support tailored for senior developers

About Us

Desygner stands proudly as one of the leading tech companies in the world, ranking among the top 2 startups in Australia, and among the top 200 worldwide, entirely bootstrapped!

Our journey is unlike any other, starting with no investment and relying solely on our determination and resourcefulness. We have successfully built our company from the ground up, embracing the spirit of bootstrapping, and are now on an exciting growth trajectory.

Desygner offers a comprehensive solution designed to solve the many challenges businesses face in creating effective marketing collateral.

By joining Desygner, you have the extraordinary chance to be part of something truly significant before we experience explosive growth.

  • Global audience with 38 million users & 25,000 signups every day.
  • Big corporate clients with many more industry leaders coming on board.
  • Leading technology in graphic design, on-brand content creation, PDF editing, and AI design automation.

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