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Repurpose your graphics quickly and easily in Desygner. With pre-loaded sizes for social media, display advertising and print, it does all the hard work for you.
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The most amazing resizing tool is in your hands

Did you create a stunning Facebook post and now want to use it in a Twitter post, multiple Google ads or a LinkedIn update? Desygner does all the resizing for you so all you have to do is tweak your information and it’s ready to go.

There’s a template for that

Desygner has a team of professional graphic designers that have created thousands of beautiful templates ready for you to use, edit and share. Turn these into any size you need in just a couple of clicks so you never have to worry about dimensions or image resolution.

Resize for free

It doesn’t matter how many times you use Desygner to resize your creations, it will always be free to use and free to create. The Design Editor is simple to use without any software or design skills yet powerful enough to be used by professionals.

resize templates

Create your own

Start a new template from scratch in the Desygner editor tool and simply drag and drop the images, icons, saved text and logos where you like them. Once you have one, it’s super easy to change the shape of your templates ready for any social media or print size.

The fast way to resize images

Resize, transform and reposition (crop) your images all in one location in Desygner’s editor without the need for any additional software. You also have access to over a million royalty-free images to use in your designs, even for commercial use.

Desygner’s online platform is 100% secure and easily accessible from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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