Import InDesign Files to Desygner

Use our InDesign plugin to convert your file into an editable template.


Modify your template in any way you want

Use our web editor to change text, fonts, colors, vectors, or images.


Set brand guidelines for others

Set restrictions and define how others can customize your template.


Publish your templates

Anyone can now customize your file following your guidelines.

Save Editing Time and Upscale Productivity

Say goodbye to hours wasted on tackling design changes requested by your team. With our specialized InDesign import feature tailored for teams, you can transform your content creation process. Collaboration becomes a breeze as you effortlessly import finalized InDesign files into Desygner, granting your team the autonomy to execute their edits.

Your original files remain secure, and your colleagues no longer endure waiting for modifications to take effect. This streamlined approach ensures your design workflow remains efficient and productive, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – creating exceptional content.

Save time & upscale productivity

An InDesign Web-Based Platform

Traditional InDesign software demands significant storage space for installation, burdening your devices with hefty files that consume valuable memory. In contrast, Desygner's cloud-based solution emerges as the savvy choice for businesses. This innovative platform liberates you and your team from installation woes and storage constraints, offering seamless access to your documents and designs from any location.

With Desygner, your business can thrive with the freedom to design and collaborate effortlessly, unburdened by the traditional software hassles.

An InDesign Web-based platform

Remove The Complexity & Frustration That Comes With InDesign Edits

Editing your team's InDesign files can often be frustrating and time-consuming, compounded by the fear of accidentally breaking these intricate files. However, Desygner's InDesign alternative tool offers a streamlined solution. Navigating through files becomes a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Moreover, the tool has an intuitive built-in editor, ensuring you have complete control over your projects. You can confidently share these files across various teams and projects, knowing they will retain functionality and integrity.

Desygner's InDesign alternative tool simplifies the complex world of design, making it more accessible and efficient for both seasoned professionals and newcomers. Say goodbye to the hassle of wrestling with intricate files and welcome a smoother, more collaborative design process into your workflow.

Remove complexity & frustration

Ensure brand consistency

Share your templates and brand assets with multiple team members. With Desygner you can assign team roles and you will always have peace of mind your brand guidelines are 100% always followed, easily accessible, secure and up-to-date.

  • Store and distribute your brand assets across everyone in your team.
  • Organize stunning templates into campaigns.
  • Users receive a notification when new templates are ready to use.
  • Restrict parts of the template or all - you have the control.
  • Allow others to change text or modify an image without altering your original design.
Ensure brand consistency

Centralize branding, marketing & sales at the speed

Learning InDesign is not easy for most non-designers and can be difficult for training your team, especially if they are in different locations. Enable your marketing team, sales team or any other team members to instantly access everything they need to connect, pitch and manage marketing collateral for all your channels in one place.

  • Easy, all-in-one platform - easy creation and quick distribution.
  • Empower everyone to design without the learning curve.
  • Approval workflows - review and approve designs instantly.
  • Easy to navigate notifications.
  • Design once. Publish (or print) everywhere.
Centralize branding, marketing & sales at the speed

Save Time & Money With Our InDesign Alternative

Adobe is well-known for its robust design software but comes with a hefty price tag and the limitation of desktop use. In contrast, Desygner introduces a game-changing feature, Guest Users, allowing you to invite individuals for FREE rather than purchasing full-member licenses. These Guests can access and modify templates, all while consuming actions such as downloads, shares, or prints, making it a cost-effective option for collaborative design projects.

What truly sets Desygner apart is its approachable interface and straightforward editor, which empowers individuals without a design background to dive into creative projects easily. With Desygner, you can streamline your team's design efforts, eliminating the need for extensive training and ensuring a smooth and efficient design process.

Save money & time

Making design more accessible

Manage your brand and distribute professional designs the easy way. Get started today and see why so many people prefer Desygner over other design platforms - it’s the only one that takes care of everything for you!