How to remove the background from an image in simple steps


Choose or upload ANY image.


Click on the image and click the Remove button to get your PNG format instantly.


Download or share your high-quality image with a transparent background.

Effortless extraction

Achieving beautiful, background-free photos has never been so simple. Desygner's revolutionary technology removes image backgrounds in just one click whilst preserving high levels of image quality. Our intuitive user interface allows you to save precious time when preparing professional-looking photos in seconds. Surf the web in peace without losing hours of your life to Photoshop or expensive plugins. Desygner is cheaper, faster, smarter, and more efficient than any other tool on the market.

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Never a dull design

With one click, you can save the important content from any photo and discard the background quickly and easily. Only Desygner retains image attributes such as shape, detail, font type, and color enabling you to create professional-quality designs with ease. In this fast-paced world, time is of the essence – so why spend hours perfecting your images when Desygner does it for you?

Royalty Free images

Get the best results every time

Achieve stunning, silky-smooth results in seconds with Desygner's intelligent background removal technology. Remove all your photos' unwanted elements easily and instantly. Get started today, and you'll never need to edit another photo manually again!

Get the best results every time

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Removed background with a click? Drop the image into our design editor and create any kind of graphic for your next campaign. Enjoy full control over your graphics and design anything from social media posts to ads, presentations, business cards, flyers, and more.

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Create animated GIFs and videos from your designs

Bring your ideas and designs to life. Create stunning GIFs and videos from scratch or use everything you've previously created in Desygner. Upload them to your social media channels straight from the platform and get more engagement from your audience.

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Get access to the most extensive graphic design platform. Desygner Pro+ is a complete design bundle where you will create designs without limitations.


When do I need to use a Background Remover?

Use Desygner whenever you need to create a high-quality PNG image without damaging the original quality or having to manually delete pixels. Maybe you have a great photo and the background just doesn’t fit, or you want to create awesome images of your products. Desygner makes it super easy and fast to create background-free images when you need them most.

How simple is it to remove backgrounds using Desygner?

You can remove backgrounds literally in a snap. Select the image and click on the “remove” button, it’s done! You can download, or share your PNG image without watermarks.

Will the image quality be damaged if I use Background Remover?

Our Background Remover uses the world’s most advanced technology to preserve the image quality as much as possible. That’s why, with Desygner, you get the best photos every time.

Can I remove the background from any image?

Yes, but the result might differ according to images. For example, while you will always get the best results possible, cluttered images might not have completely clean borders as the image itself is messy.

Is it free to use Background Remover?

Our advanced Background Remover tool isn’t part of the free plan but you can start a 14-day free trial and try it out. Upgrade to PRO+ for the best designing experience and unlimited access to our premium tools.

Is Desygner Background Remover better than other online alternatives?

The biggest difference you’ll notice instantly is how quickly and perfectly the Desygner Background Remover tool produces background-free images. Most of the design tools aren’t capable of detecting pixels accurately to deliver the smoothest PNG file possible, and they take more than 30 seconds to do it. With Desygner, you can make clean, background-free PNG images in 5 seconds, and don’t worry about whether they’re good enough to use in your business.