Have a great idea for a moving image but don’t know how to turn it into a video?

Let your creativity come alive. Animated videos are fun, but making them can be a tedious task. With Desygner, you can animate your designs in seconds. Whether you want a simple GIF or a production-ready animation, you can create an animated masterpiece easier than ever before. Let’s make it happen.

Want attention? Create awesome animated social media posts

Make your social posts pop with animated videos and gifs. With just one click, designs spring to life in an instant. No need for expensive software or an animation team. Simply choose one of the popular animation styles, bring your designs to life and share stunning visuals on your social media channels.

Unleash your inner designer without needing any animation skills

Animation creation has never been this magical, anyone can create animated branded visuals in seconds. Say hello to Instant Animation, our newest version of the design-to-motion app that makes your ideas dance.

See your design in action

With just a click, turn your static images into dynamic, animated social posts and slideshows that grab attention from users. Everything from video, to different animation styles – all included!

Make your ideas pop

Desygner is an intuitive animation creator that instantly turns your designs into animated masterpieces. Our exclusive animation creator lets you add motion to any image you want. Your imagination is the only limit.

Create animated GIFs and videos from your designs

Bring your ideas and designs to life. Create stunning GIFs and videos from scratch or use everything you've previously created in Desygner. Upload them to your social media channels straight from the platform and get more engagement from your audience.

Ready for more? The most advanced design platform is just a click away

Desygner helps you say more with less. Get unlimited access to instant animation and all the exciting design tools with Pro+. Create truly stunning graphics and get attention from thousands of people within minutes!

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How can I use the Desygner Animation tool?

Are you looking to create stand-out social media posts, draw viewers to presentations or simply want to make a stunning visual impression? Desygner's Instant Animation creator is for you. We enable you to create animations in a few clicks: adjust the duration, choose the preferred effect and add motion to your designs. Then, download, store, or share the animation as an MP4 video.

What if I don’t have even basic design skills?

You don’t need to have design skills to create stunning Animations using Desygner. Our animation tool is so easy-to-use anybody can add motion to graphics in minutes and capture people’s attention using incredible designs.

Exactly how can I add animation to objects?

Making animated objects as easy as 1-2-3! Just drag, drop elements and choose which animation effect you want to attach. You'll create motion in no time. Upload your own designs, or choose from our library of premium templates, animations, and thousands of royalty-free images, so you never run out of options.

Do I have to download an app to create animations?

Get designing directly in your browser or download an app to create animations on your mobile device. The point is, whenever you need a breathtaking animation - you can get it instantly, using the world’s best animation maker

Can I animate my designs for free?

Yes, animation is completely free! If you are ready for more, upgrade to the PRO+ subscription plan and get access to premium tools like Background Remover, PDF Editor, unlimited storage for your elements like fonts, logos, colours, and much more. You will also unlock all the templates and premium images to use in your designs.

Do I need a PRO+ plan?

If you like to create lots of graphics for your business, blog, or social media, you could definitely use the premium features of the PRO+ plan and unlock unlimited possibilities of hassle-free designing. Additionally, you can invite up to 5 team members for free to collaborate on your projects and make the designing process more fun.