Frontend Developer

Do bad interfaces stress you out? Are you a fan of aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly products? Then we’d love to hear from you! Desygner is looking for an exceptional front-end developer to join our growing team.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Organisation Cultural Fit

We are looking for professionals who seek constant improvement and are willing to take responsibility and celebrate the wins.

  • Passion for true bootstrapped startups and big-picture development
  • Takes ownership, self-starter, and finds solutions with our founders
  • Able to think outside of the box and solve problems

The Role

As a Front-End Developer at Desygner you will be working closely with Desygner’s directors and particularly the Chief Technology Officer & VP of Engineering to organise, manage and deliver technical solutions. You will play an active role in the development of our product and assist Desygner to develop it to its full potential.


Key Responsibilities

Assist with the development, maintenance and enhancement of Desygner’s graphic design editor to support various media types and formats, such as video and animation.

  • Work with our design team in order to implement a beautiful UX for our video and animation features
  • Set the algorithmic bases for building transitions, blend and text effects

Required Skills

  • HTML (HTML5 and one or more of the following – Twig, Handlebars, Jade)
  • CSS (CSS3, Stylus)
  • JavaScript (JavaScript 5, JavaScript ES6 + Babel)
  • Deep API server-to-client understanding
  • Template engines, node, modern frameworks, ES6, transpilers, building tools
  • Independent in English

Desired Skills

Or areas to learn and develop

  • Familiarity with SVG-Edit or other SVG JavaScript Libraries
  • PHP & Java familiarity understanding
  • Basic PHP or MVC backend frameworks experience
  • Basic AWS knowledge

Benefits & Perks

We nurture a creative, focused and fun environment where people look forward to coming to the office. Our team is diverse in both culture and talent which makes for a superbly unique work environment without politics and hierarchy.

  • Work on the Gold Coast with views over the beaches and canals from your desk
  • Multicultural small, yet dynamic team with direction and leadership
  • Work on solutions used by millions of people every day
  • Location in Surfers Paradise near the best restaurants, beaches, and public transport
  • Competitive compensation + equity option plans by seniority
  • Flexible hours, so you will not be controlled by the clock!
  • Exciting career opportunities as an early team member
  • Be respected and heard in a startup that is smashing numbers
  • Continuous learning, development, and support from founders and external training
  • Great coffee, snacks, and kombucha – all provided to keep you fuelled up
  • Massage chair and relaxation room

About Us

Desygner is one of the leading tech companies in Australia! We’re now part of the top 10 startups in Australia to work for (and top 500 in the world). Desygner is focused on building solutions that make design, branding and marketing better through automation, AI and adaptive technologies without needing a designer. There is no better opportunity to be part of something bigger than this and now is the chance to join our small team of under 50 on the Gold Coast before we explode!

We believe that everyone should have a powerful brand and cohesive branding opportunities, regardless of their marketing budget. Our users’ success is our success and we’re on a mission to deliver solutions that make marketing better and easier for them.

  • B2C and B2B solutions
  • Global audience with over 21 million users (18,000+ new signups every day)
  • Large enterprise corporate clients with many more industry leaders in the pipeline
  • Leading technology in graphic design, on-brand content creation, PDF editing, and intelligent design automation

Interested? Apply today!

Our recruitment process is fast! Simply fill your details and send us your resume. We will send back a development qualifier test. Successful applications will be interviewed within a week.