Transform Your Marketing Materials into Editable Branded Templates

Templates can be customized by anyone whilst keeping your brand’s identity intact.
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Give anyone the power to create branded content

Templates are designs that can be modified by different people without changing the original file. They are a blueprint that anyone can use to create graphics for your brand. It helps you achieve uniformity on your designs, whilst saving your team tons of time.

Create templates with ease

Generate templates from any PDF file or design them yourself. We Brand has 1000s of professionally-designed templates to choose from to kick-start your ideas.

Group templates into campaigns

Choose when and with whom your templates are available. Campaigns may be date-specific, such as “Mother’s Day” or year-long such as “Social Posts” and “Branded Stationery”.

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Keep the design protected

As the administrator on your account, you can apply restrictions on your templates to control what can be modified so that your brand guidelines are always followed.

Make instant updates

Publish new content as needed and quickly remove what is no longer valid. We Brand allows you to ensure people are not using outdated information as they will only have access to the most up-to-date materials.

How branded templates help

Keep your brand consistent

Ensure your brand is always represented the way you intended. Lock or restrict each element on the page so team members can only change certain aspects. For example, you can provide a series of images they can choose from, a series of colors for an item or even a date range for a promotion. The possibilities are endless and it’s entirely up to you.
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Free up time for those who need it most

We Brand’s branded templates allow marketing managers, designers and business owners to focus on marketing activities as opposed to spending time producing content to suit specific needs. Members can choose from a selection of pre-made layouts to customize and use as required without the need for special software or design skills.
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Go to market quickly with sales and promotions

User-generated sales and promotions can be managed quickly and simply by allowing your staff members, customers and influencers to put their own voice on their campaigns using your branded templates in We Brand. It’s very easy to allow others to change text and replace images in a controlled way to share your content with their audience and seize the moment.
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Everything you need in one place

Create templates for all of your business needs. There are pre-set sizes for social media and print which you can switch to with one click instantly transforming your design to the right size and resolution without the hassle. You can also create templates for a variety of uses such as invoices, letterheads, newsletters, infographics and more.
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We started with tight restrictions on the templates so only text, images and logos could be swapped out. It is great to give access to the entire organization, but keep brand and visual consistency. Our team has benefited the most from using We Brand because we have decreased our flyer production by 40% allowing our whole team to put more focus on other projects.
Nicole Neboshynsky Creative Services Supervisor - Anne Arundel Medical Center
Nicole Neboshynsky

The We Brand online platform is 100% secure and easily accessible by you and your team from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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