Make changes & distribute all of your creative to clients easily

Finally a solution to stop the endless changes you have to make to your designs. Empower your clients to make changes themselves.
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No more duplicating materials for small changes

Remove the need to produce different versions of the same design for each use. We brand allows you to import from your exported PDF and create templates that scale for each use. Control each part of the template and save your time for creativity and innovation.
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Adobe Suite compatible so you can work in your format

We Brand is compatible with the Adobe Suite, so you don’t need to rebuild your artwork for each change. Simply export any Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign file as PDF and import it into We Brand. Your PDF file will be completely editable on the We Brand editor and you can set restrictions as you would do with any other template.

An online editor with you, the designer, in mind

A lightweight, but powerful editing tool that allows layers to be altered independently and designs to be delivered as intended. Any element, including all your digital assets, can simply be dragged & dropped onto the canvas. Restrictions can be set using tick boxes, with no coding or training required.
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