Manage Your Marketing Materials Quickly and Easily with Complete Control

We Brand is the complete brand management system with editing and sharing features all on one platform. Make your teams self-sufficient to edit, share and publish your campaign materials and brand assets. On demand marketing has never been so fast and easy.

Before We Brand:

Your busy marketing department has many campaigns on the go with materials and assets in all shapes and sizes for social media and print. You want to share the materials with other departments, customers and influencers so they can add a personal touch on their own social media platforms but you are concerned they will mess up the branding and alter your umbrella marketing message.

After We Brand:

All your branded templates are neatly sorted into Campaigns that can be shared with certain user groups all on one platform. They each have a set or restrictions so you control what can be edited, added or deleted. You also have a library of brand assets including images, logos, fonts, colors, videos and more that users can access and use on their own posts and materials anywhere, any time. Everything is trackable and the workflow approval system ensures your company’s message is on brand every time.

What you can do with We Brand

Change marketing materials without design skills

Create branded templates or upload your existing artwork PDFs into We Brand and create fully editable templates which you can easily update without any design skills or extra software. Change every element on the page and resize automatically for all social media platforms and print. All of your new templates are able to be shared with your teams with or without restrictions.

Go to market quickly with sales and promotions

User-generated sales and promotions are managed quickly and simply by allowing your staff members, customers and influencers to put their own voice on their campaigns using your branded templates in We Brand. Allow others to change text and replace images in a controlled way to share your content with their audience and seize the moment.

Increase reach and trigger user-generated content

Allow your whole network to gain access to your marketing materials on demand and transform staff members, clients and customers into ambassadors, triggering them to share content with their own network.

Track your campaign’s success

With We Brand’s reporting function, you will quickly see how many times a template was edited, downloaded, and shared on social media, as well as the campaign’s total reach.

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses.

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We are a franchise group with about 16 agencies in Italy at the moment. We needed tools to optimize our marketing materials and be able to use a standard brand identity in all of our agencies. We were looking for something easy to use but at the same time something that we could use with the printer.
Raffaella Pace Marketing Manager - Coldwell Banker Realty, Italy

The We Brand online platform is 100% secure and easily accessible by you and your team from a PC or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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