Desygner´s Global Hackathon 2022 in Bali – Suksma Mewali to Our Workation!

Desygner´s Global Hackathon 2022 in Bali

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – by Albert Einstein

The above statement in many ways encapsulates life at Desygner. And our bi-annual “Workation” is just one such instance. With our teams spread across the globe, we are getting together to celebrate our awesomeness and hack innovation with a scenic backdrop of turquoise blue and sandy beaches of Bali. 

Desygner is hosting a fully sponsored global hackathon in Bali to kickstart its series of company-sponsored “workations” in some of the most sought-after destinations across the world for digital nomads.

The hackathon will be live from 31st October 22 until 11th November 22 in Bali and will open to the public from the 3rd of November, including digital nomads and outstanding students. Participants can join the first event at the link below.

Talented Developers, DevOps, QA professionals, marketers, designers, and sales professionals are invited to work with the Desygner team and apply for roles in Bali, London, and Desygner’s headquarters in Gold Coast, Australia at this event (sponsoring remote applicants).

Desygner´s Global Hackathon 2022 in Bali

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We are a fast-growing company that believes “the awesome factor” can be created through the right balance of work and fun. Through this initiative, we want to attract top talent from all over the globe and introduce novel approaches to remote work that dispel the myth that employees must be present in an office setting to be productive. 

In the post-pandemic world, as many companies are experimenting with hybrid and remote working models, we aim to lead in creating better work-life experiences. The initiative also doubles up as a key strategy to recruit and retain top talent in the face of a growing global talent crisis. 

Instead of just investing in traditional startup slacks and ping-pong tables in the office, we are going one step further and investing in places people want to work from, in dream locations. 

When running a software company with over 3 million lines of code and 30+ million customers across the world, smaller initiatives get overlooked. The hackathon strategy helps us to foster a culture of innovation.

In addition to providing lodging, food, and entertainment, we are giving away rewards and prizes in the form of instant cash, bonuses, and valuable stock options to participants. 

Come along and join us at Canggu. And who knows, there are high chances you will soon be one among us!

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