3 Top Trends for Digital Business for 2022

3 Top Trends for Digital Business for 2022

It’s no secret that technology moves fast, and in the world of digital innovation, user experience and the correct business models are vital in transforming a digital business. 

Business has come a long way since the 90’s when the focus of being in an online business was more about the transaction of a product or service and package tracking than customer satisfaction or loyalty.

Fast forward to 2022, and the focus is now on more strategic ways to entice users and customers to take full interaction and engagement with your products and services through a unified experience and trusted relationship with the customer. 

Digital commerce is becoming more intelligent, visual, and personal. Trust and privacy are becoming more critical due to the increasing focus on customer data and analytics. Customers require more trust in e-commerce business than ever before to make a purchase decision. 

So what exactly are the hottest trends businesses are tackling to take these issues head-on?

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1. Visual Commerce

We have seen the world’s leading platforms evolve to be visual first in recent years. Everyone from Coca-Cola to Microsoft has launched more visual ways to capture their audiences and marketers in visually appealing and eye-popping ways to catch users and keep them coming back for more.

Visual commerce allows users to interact with a brand’s products visually and immersively. Everything from creating the perfectly branded website, allowing your products to be visually represented on landing pages and socials, and designing eye-catching visuals for your social media is how business is increasing engagement in 2022 and beyond.

Graphic design is no longer only for experts with senior graphic design experience. To create professional, visually appealing graphics for your business, brand, or employer, you need to become a good designer: creativity, practice, and a graphic design platform like Desygner. 

Visual commerce technology encompasses a range of technology, including designed images, video, animation, visual search, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).

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2. Trust and privacy with DAM

DAM, or digital asset management, is one of the hottest marketing technologies on the minds of marketers these days. Modern marketers create a LOT of content and having the trust and privacy of providing a place to manage all the enormous volume of content created in an easy and lockable solution for marketing is what is setting some companies ahead of the pack of their competitors. 

Customers want to have control of their digital assets and protect their data privacy, especially in large businesses. The objective of personalization is to enrich the individual’s experience, but few brands deliver.

For better data privacy and security, an SSL certificate is an essential option for website holders. This SSL protocol saves personal information from being exposed as well ensures users that they are on a safe site. It is wise to buy SSL for website security. You can find many cheaper options in the market.

Desygner for Enterprise offers its own Digital Asset Manager 3.0, a powerful solution to store, organize, control, and share your branded marketing materials. Keep your assets up-to-date and compliant.

The old way was:

  • When digital assets were shared via links and folders with permissions and with no way to trigger propagation. 
  • There was no control over the file or its utilization and limits to brand storage, colors, fonts, and logos.

The new way is:

  • Users receive a notification when editable templates are available.
  • Users receive a notification when the templates they created have been updated.
  • Templates and assets can be locked and restrictions established by the admin.

Having a trustworthy and reliable DAM allows marketers to collate every single asset you may need in your company from images, icons, and fonts and automatically replaces license-expired imagery, compliance, and disclaimer text blocks, colors, and logos across all pre-made templates and designs.

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3. Subscription Commerce

New research from Gartner has revealed that if you have a business in 2022 and haven’t considered a subscription model in your business, you’re at risk of losing business as early as next year. Gartner has predicted “75% of businesses will offer a subscription service to consumers by 2023”.

Every big player in e-commerce is now utilizing subscription models in their business platform as either their sole offering or part offering service model. 

But you don’t have to be a giant SAAS (software as a service) business to find success with subscriptions. Even smaller product-based companies offer subscriptions with everything from beauty products, underwear, beer, wine, feminine hygiene products, pet food, and even vitamins. You can find nearly any product or service you want as a subscription these days. Make sure you compare your options before you subscribe to anything.  Here is an example comparing two legal SaaS companies LexisNexis vs Thomson Reuters, as an example comparing two industry leaders in their category.

Studies show that 80% of Australian households have at least one streaming service, with the average family paying an average of $55 a month on digital entertainment. Many people also use stream analytics software to track their streaming efforts. These numbers are on the rise. 

And in the US, research shows that 78% of all US households have a subscription video on-Demand (SVOD) service from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu – up from 69% in 2018 and 52% in 2015.

Learn more about Desygner’s different options on pricing and subscriptions

If you’re looking for more ways to upscale your business marketing needs or would like to know more about our business and enterprise features for Digital Asset Management, contact us now for a free demo.

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