• After reviewing and comparing all the brand management and content creation solutions they could find in the market, Keller Williams chose Desygner.
  • The realty leader had to ensure the alignment and execution of its vision to build a technology stack aimed at positioning the company at the forefront of the real estate market.
  • With over 3,000 templates available in Desygner, every Keller Williams franchise owner now easily creates their own personalized materials for their customers right on the spot.
Neil Dholakia

Neil Dholakia

Chief Product Officer - Keller Williams, US

“Our real estate agents are now empowered with consistent branding. They are empowered to do things themselves. They are empowered to save money because they don’t have to outsource marketing materials anymore.”


  • Keller Williams needed an effective content management platform with graphics editing capability that could be integrated with other tools they were building.
  • Their multi-tiered go-to-market structure meant that the franchisors and their contractors required standardized branding and standardized templates that can continually be updated by the marketing team at their headquarters.
  • The company also needed a platform that allows for agile rollouts and fast user adoption aimed at providing return on investment (ROI) within the first three months.

Solutions Delivered

  • Desygner’s White Label platform was seamlessly incorporated with the look and feel of Keller Williams’ current systems.
  • Training was provided to administrators only; other users jumped straight into the editor interface without the need to learn new skills.
  • The Power PDF Editor and Uploader looked after 500 existing design templates made available to all users in the first two weeks. The adoption rate was 90% across all agents. Our solution continues to provide great value to the marketing team, which has now created over 3,000 templates.
  • Keller Williams’ Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was operational and integrated with Desygner in the initial two weeks. This enables agents to create full media packages for their customers on the spot allowing them more time to improve their relationships.
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Accelerating go-to-market

In the first two weeks, Keller Williams added 500 templates with the support of the Desygner team and account administrators received training. At this point, the solution was rolled out to 20,000 users. In the following three weeks, user adoption grew fast beyond 80,000 users. Their marketing team now adds their own templates weekly, supporting their agents on a daily basis and helping customers sell their properties faster.

Accelerating go-to-market

Easy Integration

Given the strategic vision and technical needs of Keller Williams, integrating Desygner with their internal systems was key. Once the requirements were laid out, Desygner provided the customer with the capability to integrate in record time; one day only. Based on white label and single sign-on solutions, Desygner is the most widely used app among their realty agents.

Keeping up with global growth

Over 80,000 agents in the US are already using Desygner to produce their listings. As the number of designs created nears 1 million, the company is currently rolling out the solution to other markets, including Japan.

Keeping up with global growth

About Keller Williams

Number 1 franchise in the United States by sales volume, Keller Williams is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. The company has over 940 offices and 200,000 associates worldwide.

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