• Life.Church, a multi-site Christian church, began meeting in a two-car garage in 1996. Since that time, Life.Church has grown to become one of the largest churches in the United States. Meeting in multiple locations around the United States, and globally at Church Online, Life.Church is known for the innovative use of technology to spread the Gospel, including the creation of the YouVersion Bible App that has been downloaded on more than 420 million unique devices.
  • For Life.Church, Desygner is an excellent platform to ensure brand consistency at a large scale without having to educate their entire staff on design fundamentals. It significantly cuts down on the time their users spend in creating materials for events, print and social media.
  • Desygner Enterprise solutions give their pastors easy access to the correct logos and colors for whatever design they are customizing. It provides them with the certainty that they can’t make changes that are outside of the brand standards and it allows them to focus on just editing the details for their location.
Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Art Director, Life Church

“The branded templates helped us bring back brand consistency across our many locations. These templates make it possible for any of our pastors and volunteers, despite their design capabilities, to access high-quality designed materials and easily customize them to fit their needs.”


  • The Operations Pastors at each of the physical locations were not only expected to make sure the location was running properly administratively, but they were also expected to understand graphic design fundamentals.
  • It was difficult for those who needed the designs the most to keep track of what was most up to date. The Creative Media team was struggling to communicate and fulfill the design needs of so many users.
  • Volunteers were required to borrow the Operations Pastor’s computer to have access to the design assets they needed and the expensive software to update them.

Solutions Delivered

  • Desygner’s Marketing Hub provides the confidence to the Creative Media team and the Operations Pastors throughout the United States, so that they are able to quickly create on-brand materials.
  • Desygner’s Brand Guidelines Enforcer and Marketing Localization Engine allow a group of administrators to create, manage and control all of the templates from one shared platform meaning designs are automatically updated for all to see and use.
  • As a fully online platform, anyone in the organization has access to Desygner from any computer or mobile device. No special software is needed.
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Content localization made easy

Life.Church’s Creative Media team creates the templates and sets the permissions. At each of their locations, their Operations Pastor oversees the use of those designs and personalizes them for their local needs.

Content localization made easy

Giving back time for pastoring

The Operations Pastors benefit the most using the Desygner platform for creating and printing their materials. They used to spend hours trying to figure out how to work with other complex design programs and now have a solution that takes them only a few minutes to be able to create quality designs.

Confidence to central marketing

Creating designs with confidence is vital for Life.Church’s Operations Pastors. Having correctly restricted templates and an easy-to-use editor takes the guesswork and stress out of designing and makes it easy to meet the brand’s consistency and messaging.

Confidence to central marketing

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