Tied down by so many social media channels?

Desygner is here to help! When you're trying to build a brand for your company, social media is one of the most important tools. Posting frequently on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter can quickly and cheaply get your brand in front of many potential customers. Make sure you have unique and interesting social media images that will engage your potential clients. Start by creating a nice Facebook image or a Twitter image for your page.

Design Online with Desygner - Facebook Post Size

Make your own pins with the right Pinterest images

There are more pinners following brands than there are following their favourite celebrity!  Many pinners use the platform to choose what products to buy, which means that you as a business or blogger should start developing your presence on Pinterest if you haven't already.  When you are promoting your company's brand, Pinterest has become one of the most important tools. Create quality pins using Desygner’s Pinterest images templates.

Design Online with Desygner - Pinterest Images

Make your Instagram page stand out

Ever wonder how bloggers and social media marketers are able to add beautiful quotes over stunning images?  Well, now you can do it too!  Desygner offers hundreds of professionally hand crafted templates with the right photo size for every social media channel.  You can customise these templates by adding your own images, editing the text, changing colours, adding stickers and more!  Add different backgrounds to make your social media image more interesting and even play around with the opacity if you are feeling fancy.

Design Online with Desygner - Instagram Picture Size

Work with the right photo size

Desygner offers template sizes for all major social media channels;

  • Facebook Post Size - 1200x630px
  • Twitter Image Size - 1024x512px
  • Pinterest Images - 735x1102px
  • Instagram Picture Size - 1080x1080px
  • Tumblr Post - 540x910px
  • with more being added regularly!

Thanks to the online design app on iOS and Android, you can create these social media posts at any moment. Snap a photo, open the app, import the file and start creating your next social media image.