What is Bleed?

“Bleed” refers to area on a design which falls outside the final dimensions of a printed document. There is usually around 4mm (0.157″) allowance beyond the crop marks (depending on the printer’s requirements) in case the printed stack of pages or cards moves slightly when being trimmed at the printing company.

Within Desygner, you can adjust your design elements to make sure you leave enough bleed for printing purposes.

Setting the bleed manually

Within the Editor, choose File and then Manage Bleed. At the top you can choose a different amount of bleed depending on your printer’s requirements.

You will see a semi-transparent area around your design which shows you which elements will be outside of the cutting area. You can make adjustments to your elements to fill up this area.

business cards bleed

Setting the Bleed with Digital Print or the Global Print Network

When you choose to purchase prints and go through the initial paper choice steps, you will come to a section where the platform will show you the bleed on your design to check that you have adjusted your elements to fill this area. You can make adjustments here to ensure that you have enough.

You will not see crop marks on your PDF proof because the printers we use automatically cut 4mm (0.157″) off the edges of the paper.