A year in review: Desygner by the numbers in 2021

Let’s just call a spade a spade. It’s been one big year for all of us for so many reasons and like most of you, we can’t wait for a fresh new start for 2022. But before the year comes to an end we also want to celebrate what an amazing year we’ve had with all our loyal Desygner users and clients.

2021 has seen Desygner grow to be our biggest year yet and we are now a professional design platform helping over 21 million users world-wide!

To end the year with a bang we wanted to thank all our users and clients who have come onboard and we wanted to share how we’ve finished the year strong in 2021 by a review in numbers and a special gift from us!

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21 Million and More!!

Let’s just put this in perspective. In 2020 we were jumping with joy when we reached 10 million active users. Then only 18 months later we hit a whopping 21 million users – YES that’s double the users in just over a year!!

We’re proud of our active global community and now we’re reaching all over the world with our biggest number of users being in Brazil, United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Columbia, Russia, Spain, and Philippines.

It’s a pretty even number when it comes to the sex of our users, but the girls are just edging it out making up 59.7% of our total users and the majority being under 34 years of age making up 63%.

Desygner's user demographics


Smashing Out Sign Ups

While we have a loyal and active bunch of consumer subscribers we also have a massive and growing number of business subscribers jumping on board and we now have over 60,000 business subscribers worldwide.

Along with this, we’re also averaging 21,000 sign-ups each and every day and our community is smashing out over 75,000 designs and over 31,000 projects each day! WHAAAAT!!!!

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Project, business subscribers, and sign ups statistics


Business Card and Logos are Still Going Strong!

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that business cards are a thing of the past. We might have thought so too except that our clients have created over 10,000 business cards every month! Logos even more with over 3,1000,000 logos being created this year.

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Statistics on Desygner's biggest revenue generation, business cards & logos created every month

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We wish you the very best for 2022!!

From our Desygner team to all you budding designers we thank you for staying loyal and growing with us as we continue to produce more innovative ways to help you design in 2022!

Stay tuned for some big news and developments in the New Year and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, and Youtube for all the latest updates and news!

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