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A Business Card is an essential part of your business.  They are handed out to consumers and clients to be able to find information quickly and easily. Exchanging physical business cards is a great way to make a lasting impression for your business as well it strengthens your branding, helps you stay on top of mind, clients remember who you are and what your business is about. Business cards can come in all different designs and sizes.

Below are some themed ideas and examples using business card templates from Desygner for you to browse and get inspiration. The trend is to now have QR codes for clients to scan and your information is saved into their phone automatically. 

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1. Minimalistic

Minimalistic style business cards create a feeling of sophistication and can be so much more impactful to clients than trying too many elements into your design, which can overwhelm a client. Minimal styles can also be timeless and classic allowing you to use the same business card for years without having to change it with the current trends going around. 


2. Bright

Bright business cards can be used to grab the attention of clients as the colour draws them in and creates an interest in why the card is bright. It allows clients to have another point to remember who you are and know what your card looks like when needing to find it. 

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3. Artsy

Artsy design business cards are good for if you are in a creative industry and want to show off what you can do.  Similar to bright business cards it adds an element to remember who the business is to the client and an interesting point to engage and remember the client by. 


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4. Photo – Centric

Images paint a thousand words. Sometimes text can get overwhelming. Having a photo that connects to your business can help clients associate the photo with the business. Photos also make it visually interesting and easier for clients to remember exactly who you are and what you are about from the start.


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