How to make business cards using Desygner

How to make business cards using Desygner

Business cards are a powerful and popular tool used to look for a job or get new clients.

Not only do business cards give basic information about the person, but they also have intrinsic qualities that are conveyed to the recipient. That’s where the importance of design comes in.


1. Choose business card templates that fit your professional profile

To make a business card, we assume you already have an idea in mind. That’s why this first step is about finding a business card template that gets close to your concept. If you’re a more creative type, you can create a business card from scratch by using a blank template.

Business Cards Templates

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Business card size matters

If your business card size is too big for a wallet or the paper is too thin, your client may throw it in the trash. That’s why you should invest time in the design and money in the materials.

Classic business card size can vary according to country. The most common in Spain and Europe is 85 x 55mm, while in Latin America, it’s 90 x 50mm.

The default business card size in Desygner is what’s used in Europe – 85 x 50mm – but it can be changed.


2. Add content to your business card

To make a business card, don’t forget anything important!

There are endless types of business cards. From the most classic to the most creative, the design reminds the recipient who you are and why he/she took your card.

Although it varies according to industry, a business card must have:

  • Name, last name, email, phone number, address, logo, and company name (if applicable).

How to edit the text in your business card template

  1. Double click on the text you want to edit.
  2. Type in your business card content.

Edit the text in your business card template

How to add extra text to your business card

  1. In the main menu, located at the bottom, click on “text.”
  2. Click on the approximate size: title, subtitle, or body text.
  3. The text will appear immediately in your design.

Make sure that the basic information is updated, without grammatical errors, and above all, complete.


3. Add or edit shapes to make your business card unforgettable

With something as simple as a rectangle, circle, or triangle, you can make a business card that will stun your client. Don’t believe us? Look at these Desygner business card templates and how they use shapes to make business cards that are both professional and artistic.

make your business card unforgettable

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4. Add your favorite colors and impress your clients!

In most cases, simple business cards are the most striking ones. To make a business card:

  • Use 2 or 3 colors maximum.
  • Make sure that the colors go together.

In Desygner, you can change the color of any element. To do this, you just have to select the element that you want to change the color of and then choose the color in the toolbar at the top of the editor.

Design Tip: Avoid colors that make it difficult to read the business card!

make business cards


5. Add business card icons

Some business cards include icons for basic information such as a phone, an envelope for an email, etc. In Desygner, you can find hundreds of business card icons, and best of all, you can edit the colors to your liking.
To make a business card with icons, you can search for them:

  1. In the main menu, click on “icons.”
  2. Type a keyword into the search or choose from one of our categories.
  3. If you want to import your own icons, follow the same steps for uploading a photo. Don’t forget to import them with a transparent background (PNG)!

business card icons

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6. Print or share your new business card

To finish creating a business card, you just have to export your business card as a PDF and decide where to print it and what type of paper you want for it. The most common ones are:

  • Matte paper
  • Glossy paper
  • Linen paper
  • Soft texture
  • Rough texture

Print or share your new business card

If you want to print it on your own, don’t forget to configure your printer to be able to print front and back. Another option, and the easiest one, is to bring your business card PDF to a professional printer.

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Hire a Professional Designer

A good graphic designer can design business cards that will grab your customers’ attention and increase the likelihood of them becoming interested in what you have to offer.

With Desygner, you can hire a designer or design your business cards yourself by personalizing one of our business card templates.

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