Create your own Easter Card in 5 Easy steps

easter cards

Give your friends and family a personalized Easter Card this year with Desygner!

In this mini Desygner tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can easily create, download and print your own Easter Card in minutes! We have card templates for every kind of event. This Easter, why not use one of our professionally created pre-made invitation card templates or get creative and make your own with Desygner.  Don’t worry, it’s easy and I’ll show you how.  Ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Selecting the Layout

Open the ‘Create Page’ and choose which Easter Card you want to create.  If you plan on sharing this Easter Card on your Social Media account, we suggest some of our specially designed Easter Cards designs for Instagram and Facebook.  If you want to create a card of your very own from scratch, you can find that under the Events and Cards category, layout type Cards.  There’s also always our custom size creation at the bottom of the ‘Create Page’ if you want something completely your own.


2. Customizing Images

Upload a photo or search through our royalty free images to find your favorite Easter image and use it as a background or simply grab one of the free Desygner backgrounds.  For an Easter Card, we recommend textured backgrounds.

Easter Card

3. Text Options

Select a gentle typography and adapt its color to your background.  Edit the text to put a message you want to send to your loved ones or friends.  Even just a few words should be enough to send a strong message.  Try adding different shapes around or behind your text to make it stand out more.  Don’t forget the shape options like opacity to help things blend in.

4. Adding Shapes

In ‘Shapes’ use the ellipse to make eggs, then you can fill them with colors. Click and drag the shapes to place them in different positions on the canvas.  You can also fill the card with other images and stickers like rabbits or baby chickens.   Or go more stylized with something like the image above that might remind you of a rabbit, like their ears.


5. Saving and Sharing

Once you are happy with your work, click ‘Save’ and then ‘Download’ it.  Pick which format you want it saved in (JPEG, PNG or PDF) and your card is ready to be shared or printed.  Remember, you can share your design directly from the Desygner Editor, simply click ‘Share’ when you’re done and then select the social media account you want to post it to.  Simple as that!


That’s all for this time.

Happy Easter!


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