What’s New? Desygner February Wrap 2022

February 2022. What's New with Desygner?

We wanted to wrap this month with some exciting news as Desygner launches into 2022 with speed!

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Desygner is set for massive growth in 2022!

We brought you the exciting news last month that Desygner had reached an amazing milestone of 22 million users in ’22!

We thought it had a nice ring to it, but fast forward another month and we’ve grown almost another 3 million users! We’re now edging 25 million users and over 100,000 businesses are using the Desygner platform all over the world! 🎉

We’ve also now raised our rankings to become one of Australia’s TOP 5 Startups. Worldwide we are placed 150* and rising! We’re coming for you San Fran start-ups!

Desygner climbs to Australia's top 5 startups

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Desygner is featured in Editors’ Choice

Another huge achievement this month was learning we had been awarded the highly prestigious Editors’ Choice badge!

For those of you that may not understand exactly how amazing this is, we spoke to our Chief Operating Officer, Sayan Bhattacharyya to explain.

Desygner's Google Play Editors Choice badge


What does it mean to get the prestigious Editors’ Choice badge? 

“A very tiny fraction of Google Play apps ever get this badge. It’s an exclusive club and it’s very difficult to be awarded this, even more difficult than a features app.”

What does this mean for our users and how does this help elevate Desygners profile?

“This gives our app a lot more visibility and it helps users identify with credibility and trust and will give our users the confidence to download knowing that we have met and exceeded all of Google Play criteria. It will give new user’s the confidence to download and use it as it has Google’s seal of approval. In the world of Android apps, this is as prestigious a badge of honor as any!”

We offer a variety of apps for designing for our users. These are great and easy to use for anyone.

What are your thoughts on reaching No 4 startup in Startup Ranking?

“It is indeed a nice achievement. As a bootstrapped company it’s great to see us in the same company as very heavily funded businesses. We were in the 20-30 range just a few years ago and we’ve now steadily climbed up since then. We have risen to this spot because of our presence on web (Alexa, Google) and socials. It’s great to see.”

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Product news in February

It’s been an exciting few months at Desygner HQ. Late last year we launched our PDF Editor, one of the most powerful PDF Editors on the market! It’s been so successful that it’s sitting in the No. 2 spot* on the Google Play Store and trusted by 3,600,000+ users with 31,000 5-star ratings. Our team is beyond grateful!

Desygner's powerful PDF Editor


We also introduced you to our popular Background Remover and increased our stock library with our partnerships to millions of images, which you guys are loving.

This month we’ve launched the highly anticipated animation tool and the feedback has been amazing from you all. 

Who better to ask about our animator than one of our Technical Leads, Elliot Schep!

Desygner's Animation Maker

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What was Desygner’s goal when the team set out to create an Animation Maker for the platform?

“Our goal in creating Animation Maker was to create a simple and powerful tool that was easily accessible to any user. We wanted to empower users to create stunning designs regardless of their skill, by providing many ways to be creative and make their designs come to life.”

“We wanted marketers to effortlessly boost their social media video presence with professional animated designs for social posts and ad materials.”

How did you achieve this? 

“We achieved this by working with professionals to create a choice of animated styles and an intuitive design that lets anyone create scroll-stopping content with a single click.”

Why will marketers love the new feature and what’s planned for the next few months? 

“Animation Maker lets marketers create videos without needing to hire an expensive animator or designer. It allows users to create impactful content in their own time, and in their own way. Some of the exciting new features we’ll be releasing in the next couple of months include GIF support, audio support, embeddable videos, UI and UX improvements.”


It’s International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! March 8th was made for the moms, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, teachers, and women leaders in our lives. 

And did you know that 59% of Desygner’s users are women? 

It’s one of the many reasons our team has created a whole new range of templates for your business so you too can celebrate International Women’s Day with us!

Desygner Women's Day Templates

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Question of the month

Is Desygner only for creatives, marketers, or small businesses?

No, Desygner is also a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use brand management platform for any type of business from small, medium to large enterprise. 

Keller Williams for example is the number 1 franchise in the United States by volume and the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. Desygner provides Keller Williams a white label integrated solution for their technical marketing needs and now over 200,000 Keller Williams agents and associates in 940 offices around the United States are using Desygner for all their digital asset and brand management needs. 

You can create the brand you want for your business using Desygner as a complete digital asset and brand management platform.

All your marketing content is at your fingertips. Templates and projects are organized, easy to access, customizable, and shareable. 

Want to know more? Contact us for a demo to see what Desygner can do for you and your business no matter what size your company is!

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*At the time of publishing all statistics had been fact checked, however rankings are variable and can change daily.

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