10 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Social Media

10 Unique Real Estate Social Media Marketing Ideas

In this day and age, social media is a must-have for any business venture, and developing real estate marketing ideas is one of the most effective ways to attract clients.

With businesses, you can never go wrong with a smart social media presence; however, social media marketing is critical for success when it comes to real estate.

That’s why in this blog, we’ll be discussing just that: 10 of the best real estate marketing ideas!

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Facts and Figures

Now you may be wondering why we’re placing so much emphasis on social media marketing. Don’t just take our word for its importance; check out the facts and figures for yourself: 

According to a recent study from the National Association of Realtors:

  • 77% of real estate agents actively use social media platforms.
  • 47% of real estate businesses note that social media results in the greatest number of prospective buyers compared to any other source.
  • 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) start their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals).
  • In 2020, 44% of real estate agents generated the most clients via social media.
  • Roughly 80% of millennials and 78% of Gen X found their homes on a mobile device. 

To translate the jargon above: social media is a golden goose, just waiting to be used proactively. That is, of course, assuming you’ve got a well-founded strategy for social media marketing. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch trying to maximize your returns from social media marketing, let us help you to stand out with these 10 unique real estate marketing ideas!

10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas


1. The House Isn’t Everything!

Realtors tend to promote only the property and often neglect to mention the town itself. Here’s the thing: prospective homeowners always consider the town when they’re thinking about purchasing a property.

By using your social media channels, you can provide potential buyers with a far better understanding, letting them know the pros and cons of each neighborhood.

And, by tagging the city in the real estate posts you make, you’ll be better positioned to attract eyeing home buyers in those specific cities. Using Twitter and Insta handles for cities, you can directly mention them in your tweets and posts (“@CityOf….”). 

City accounts on social media platforms often tend to be positive and receptive to such shoutouts. Who knows, they might share or retweet you!

2. Take it One Step At a Time: First, Build a Logo 

New agents sometimes get lost in a rush to think up new real estate marketing ideas that they neglect the basics. With marketing, the first steps always come first, and the first step will always be creating a logo for your brand.

By choosing graphic designing apps like Desygner, you can get yourself an eye-catching logo without costing an arm and leg.    

By selecting a professional logo and social media design, prospective customers will be more likely to remember your property and re-visit your social media pages. After all, leaving a good impression is as important as creating one!

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3. Triple Views and Engagement by Changing Orientation

It may sound surprising but simply changing the orientation of your videos from horizontal to vertical has a profound effect on views and, subsequently, engagement.

For instance, when it comes to platforms such as Instagram, you can utilize the Reels component, which the company is bolstering. 

Creating vertical videos for the Reels section is more likely to receive prominent placement in your follower’s feeds, alongside the explore page of Instagram. All-in-all vertical videos allow for greater exposure opportunities.

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4. Attract Attention With Polls

Social media platforms have now introduced a new feature, namely “polls.” An exceptional real estate marketing idea, polls are a quick and easy way to engage your audience by allowing them to vote, thus making them feel more important while simultaneously learning about their needs and wants.

With polls, you can easily learn about customers’ preferences, allowing you to shift your strategy to improve their online experience.

Real estate marketing ideas

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5. Don’t Market a Property, Market a Lifestyle

Nowadays, real-estate marketing is less about the property and more about the lifestyle associated with the property. Using videos, you can convey the lifestyle associated with a property. 

Not only do videos catch people’s attention, but they also do a brilliant job when it comes to conveying emotion. It’s no wonder that marketing videos perform so well!

6. Use Humor in Marketing Campaigns

A unique real estate marketing idea is to employ your wits on social media. With social media, only posting real-estate content will bore your audience sooner or later. 

Instead, an excellent way to attract your target audience’s attention is to try and incorporate a little bit of humor onto your content. Here you can opt for different strategies, ranging from puns, and riddles, to even memes.

Real estate marketing ideas

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7. Increase Social Engagement With Influencers

You can leverage their audience to your advantage by collaborating with social media influencers.

Every day, influencers and their content reach millions of followers. By partnering up with such online celebrities, you can give your social media marketing campaign a much-needed push, propelling it above competitors. 

8. Client Testimonials

Prospective customers eyeing your properties online will always try to look up reviews of previous customers.

Why? It’s quite simple. It’s always best to see what others feel about your offerings before giving them a go for yourself!

Keeping this in mind, we’d urge you to build trust with potential clients by frequently posting feedback and stories behind your successful real estate transactions. After all, begets customer satisfaction begets retailer trust!

Real estate marketing ideas


9. Put Contact Info Into The Limelight

At the end of the day, your end goal is to get clients when it comes to real estate. Naturally, they’ll have to know how to get in touch with you to attract clients.

For this purpose, you have to actively plan your real-estate posts your contact details should be left, right, and center. As obvious as this real estate marketing idea sounds, you’d be surprised to know how many realtors forget to incorporate this integral element into their online posts!

10. Property Photos

Though this may sound like a given, the decisive factor here is not photos’ presence but the quality of photos on social media.

You’ll often come across low-res pictures of a property that fail to convey the dimensions and the property itself. Instead, you should aim to integrate high-quality images that clearly show each estate feature. This encourages “likes” and “shares,” compelling your followers to get in touch with you.

Take note that when it comes to real estate social media marketing, you first have to sell the property online, whether it’s a home in Dallas or an apartment in Seattle, before selling it in person.

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Final Thoughts

Social media has taken the world by storm. When it comes to employing new and unique real estate marketing ideas, social media provides you with the optimal platform to engage, attract and learn about customers.

Desygner offers bespoke solutions for many real estate clients who require an effective content management platform with graphics editing capability and where their contractors require standardized branding and templates. 

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Desygner excels in helping large businesses better collaborate and integrate their marketing collateral and empowers internal teams to create and distribute marketing materials that are always professional and on-brand.

Real estate agencies with thousands of employees can benefit from Desygner by logging on to their customized Desygner database and having a complete array of design options ready for their usage.

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