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The holidays are almost here and it’s time for you to get inspired with these Christmas card design ideas we’ve gathered specially for you to design your own creations using our easy-to-use online design tool by Desygner. From jolly Christmas icons, mesmerizing flower designs, fascinating photo collages and much more!

The best part of this? Everyone can design awesome holiday cards for Christmas and New Year’s without requiring previous experience in graphic design!

Use Desygner Christmas Fonts

Spread the joy during this holiday season with our captivating Christmas fonts exclusively by Desygner. We have the best selection of fonts to make your personal message stand out along with your designs.

From vintage-inspired fonts to playful ones, you decide which style suits your holiday wishes!

Use icons and just 2 or 3 colors

You don’t need to spend hours with complicated designs to create beautiful holiday cards. With our exclusive collection of Christmas icons, you can select one or two colors to your background and simply add as many Christmas icons as you want.

Sometimes, less is more!

A user is creating a red christmas card in Desygner

Insert flowers

And speaking of simplicity, why not add a flower background to your design to distinguish your message? You can use one of our many flower designs as the center piece of your creation and add alluring icons on top of it to make it more balanced.

Additionally, you can select flower icons from our stock and place them around your canvas to create an eye-catching design that will make your message even more special and attractive.

Create a Photo Collage

Holiday cards tend to be more personal and heart-warming when you add a photograph of your personal collection. Using the photo collage template from Desygner, you can play with your design by adding as many pictures as you like.

Just think about all of those fond memories you have captured with your family, friends and even even your pets!

Make frames using icons

At Desygner, we don’t believe in limits when it comes to uncovering your creativity. Holiday icons can also be used as frames to make your design accentuate your message.

Choose colorful candy canes, charming snowflakes or fun sparkles and add some cheer to your masterpiece.



With these Christmas card design ideas by Desygner, we guarantee that you and your loved ones will be amazed with your breathtaking creations without being a professional graphic designer.

Using our online design tool, you won’t ever have to worry about spending hours learning complicated design software.  Desygner is a simple, yet a powerful and equipped tool that allows everyone’s creativity to be untapped and limitless!

Leave Space for Handwriting

Sometimes a personal touch makes all the difference. Therefore, if you are making a Christmas card for someone you truly appreciate you might decide to leave room for physically handwriting your message, rather than typing out what you want to say – just like a postcard!


Christmas Ideas

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Show Them What They Mean To You

If you are sending your Christmas cards digitally this year, there is another way that you can make each card more meaningful for each individual that you send it to. Try using our ‘Link’ feature to attach a song or video that may characterise the relationship you have with the person you are sending it to. This way they will be able to hear/watch it while reading their card and recognise how much you cherish the relationship that you have with them!

Christmas Card Design Ideas



Receive your high-quality Christmas card delivered straight to your door.

Create Christmas Cards

Now that you’ve brought your creation to life, it’s time for you to spread the joy with the ones you love. With Desygner, you can design, print and receive your Christmas cards using one single platform.

Multiple sizes and a choice of paper quality gives the perfect way to share blessings of times past and future with family and friends.

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