Choose the Right PDF Editor: 8 Main Features to Look For

PDF is a portable, versatile document format that can easily be shared and collaborated on in the intended form.

While PDFs increase the chances of data security, it also helps you to maintain your format. It’s an essential tool for businesses in a lot of ways. With how valuable a good PDF editor is, you should learn how to choose a good one with relevant features suitable for your needs.

We asked our Desygner Chief Technology Officer, Ignacio Díaz to share his experience and the goals of creating the PDF editor. Here’s what he had to say;

“PDF has become a standard de-facto format in many different areas: printing, document signing, forms, etc. When you look at the market leaders in these markets, you find the same faces you could find 10 or 20 years ago, offering the same software.”

“When it comes to editing a PDF, people don’t want to be browsing around as we would do on Netflix; they want to be able to immediately modify the entire document without the friction of trying twenty different apps, dealing with subscriptions, and dodging advertisements,” he says.

Desygner Chief Technology Officer, Ignacio Díaz

In this blog, we explore the features you should look out for in your PDF editor and why the Desygner PDF Editor is the best for your business.


8 Main Features to Look for in your PDF Editor

1. Automation

This is a unique attribute for any product. A PDF with automation abilities should be your go-to, especially if you are a big company with many documents and files to edit and manipulate. This can be time-consuming, but you can finish your work in minutes with automation.


2. Cross-Platform Use

The need for using a PDF editor across various platforms creates higher demands with the increase in remote working. Teams can now access and edit PDF files on the same interface. It can work effectively on a computer, a tablet, and mobile devices.


3. Software Flexibility

This means that the PDF editor can adapt to user requirements. It allows customization of its functions to suit every business and individual needs. It should be able to adapt as your organization changes. Desygner’s PDF Editor is a perfect example of flexible and scalable software that provides long-term solutions for every organization.


4. Multi-Format Conversion Capability

The PDF editor should be able to import PDF files created with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop and convert them into editable templates. This Multi-Format Conversion feature should allow users to move back and forth between file formats.


5. Template and Signature Integration 

A good PDF editor should allow the users to input custom signatures that will enable seamless form completions and even custom form creation. It should also be able to create and store signature templates that can be reused repeatedly for various tasks.


6. Optical Character Recognition

This is important for every PDF editor. This means that the PDF editor can recognize printed and handwritten text in a digital image of a physical document, such as a scanned paper document, and convert them into editable PDF format. The PDFs formed can be reworked or reformatted. You can convert printed copies into electronic files.


7. Security Features

There is a lot of sensitive and private information included in company documents. A much-needed feature of a PDF editor includes password protection that controls who has access to such documents and the ability to manipulate them and identity security to manage the access for every digital identity to the PDF file. Plus, consider adding PDF software that offers adjustment permissions and total manipulation access when required, even after publishing or sharing a document.


8. Continous Product Innovation

A great PDF editor should constantly be improved on. Every day, technology trends change. There are new needs in the design industry and new ways to tackle problems. Hence, every good PDF editor should have instant updates.

Desygner Chief Technology Officer, Ignacio Díaz


Choose the Right Desygner’s PDF Editor for your Business 

Desygner provides both standard and premium PDF editing services. While each plan has its own specifications, paying for the premium plan gives you access to PDF editing features. The services offered by both plans are listed below:

The All-In-One Solution for PDFs

The All-In-One Solution for PDFs

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1. Create Templates from Adobe InDesign Documents

 With the Desygner PDF editor, you can upload your PDF files created with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop into the Desygner platform and make them into templates that everyone in your organization can edit online and in real-time. 

It hence provides PDF editing capability for every user in the company.

Our plugin for InDesign automatically adjusts object attributes, making your templates compatible with our editor. We also have the Indesign alternative available that makes it possible to import and edit the files online.

You can also save your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Word documents as PDFs and convert them into templates. You can make these templates available in Desygner and constantly update them for your team.


2. Control What Users Can and Cannot Change in the Content

When you make templates from your documents on Desygner’s PDF editor, you can set restrictions in every template and decide what elements are to be edited. Moreover, Desygner goes well beyond basic element locking, bringing an extensive, simple-to-use restriction system. Using an automated brand compliance tool, you can efficiently monitor and decide how each element of your templates is modified.


3. Localize the Content Into Multiple Languages

Create localized versions of your templates from local and individual libraries. This happens in an instant and is seamless. All your templates are saved as drafts after creation, allowing administrators or workflow users to review them before publishing. You can also integrate other 3rd party CAT tools.


4. Track and Audit your PDF files

Desygner’s PDF Editor tracks all the changes and the authors of the changes. Authors can comment while they edit and get their comments resolved by a team member. This helps you to track and audit your files easily and makes for effective collaboration with your teams.


Edit Your PDFs With Ease

Edit Your PDFs With Ease

Edit and Customize your PDFs Now!


The PDF editor allows you to edit, change colors, vectors, and pictures and add, remove and reorder content (logos, watermarks, etc.).

You can also convert Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, and PowerPoint documents into editable PDFs. Convert PDF files to PNG, JPG, and other file formats.

Even if you have a free account, the Desygner PDF editor enables you to customize and personalize your PDF document on any device—Web and mobile included.


Wrapping Up

The Desygner PDF editor is designed to suit all your PDF design needs. Desygner is the only easy, high-performance, alternative solution to Adobe Acrobat.

It enables anyone to edit PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat’s essential features at a fraction of the price. You can also save the resulting files as Desygner templates, JPEGs, PNGs, or even back to a PDF.

Unlike Adobe, you can access a wide range of editing and design tools. It’s also economical compared to subscribing to multiple stand-alone products.

We have intricately created an effective editing tool for your business. You can ensure that your branding is cohesive across all platforms and even track all your team’s changes and edits on your pdf file.


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