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Christmas Ideas

A genius (and easy) guideline for small businesses and freelancers to market and promote their company this Christmas.


Switch your Christmas mood on and learn to advertise like a pro! These easy and simple steps will help build your clientele and get noticed these holidays. Start with creating your own custom-made Christmas ad, invitation or article. All you have to do is use Desygner and these tips to get started – and remember it’s free!


Put your goals in place and structure your concept around them

It’s time to start being resourceful. Find out what social media websites are relevant to your business and identify what business goals you would like to achieve with them. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” answer here. But you can never become successful if you don’t know what to measure.

Using ads is a great marketing tool especially for any business no matter how big or small, but how you go about it makes all the difference.

It’s Christmas time and it’s all about sharing and giving, get the viewers and people involved, offer a limited invitation to your online business, get the people buzzing and talking. There are lots of competitors out there so maybe promote a “one time offer” or a little friendly competition for people to get excited about.

Remember to keep your posts and ads simple, make them big and crazy. Use images and colors that will stand out, this will create attention and therefore viewers will more likely stop and look at your post and read what you’re about and selling.

Here’s how to get started…


Select your format


Picture Ads

Picture Ads are a great advertising format. There is a reason it is one of the most popular advertising formats in the world. But it is important to remember that when using this format you need to use images that are going to stand out. Make sure the content is relatable and easily understandable. Your audience needs to know exactly what message you’re trying to promote or what it is that you’re selling. Otherwise, how do you expect them to want to buy your product?



Nike Sports Watch – An advert that clearly displays what the product is. Promoting their new watch that tracks your running, speed and pace.


Video Ads

Creating a video is great, but remember that this format is time-consuming and might not offer a good return-on-investment. You will need to come up with a concept and make a video that isn’t lengthy. Anything over a few seconds can cause the viewer to move along – unless it interests them enough. Your video needs to offer the audience a reason to watch. What value are they getting? Are they aware of the value? This is important as you need to provide the viewer with key details of who you are, what your selling, and how they can benefit it from it. If you choose to make video ads really think of the images and sounds that you will be using. Everything from the way your video is framed to the background music is important – this is where quality work will shine from the rest.


Tip: When creating a video make sure you use a thumbnail and heading that will catch people’s attention.


Carousel Ads

A strip of images that allow viewers to swipe through to gain further information. Carousel Ads are personally my favorite. Simple to make like picture ads but can give as much information as a video.

Carousel Post Instagram

Toyota – display multiple images of their car, showing exactly how durable and reliable their product is, no matter what the circumstances.

Create your ad using your goals and chosen format

Now that you have chosen your desired advertising format to promote your business, you can start building your advert. Remember every advert you advertise, you need to make sure that all your ads relate to one another. And that people can recognize that this is your company. This is where the best companies think about their color palettes, aesthetic, and writing style.


Instagram Format Template
Try to create your own signature. Your own style.


All these elements should resemble you and your company. Try to create your own style and your own signature look. For example:


Facebook Promotion
Example Facebook post for a physical store


Instagram Promotion
Instagram Post Promotion Example


Twitter Cover template
Twitter cover to promote holidays special prices

How easy is it actually?

Desygner offers you hundred’s of curated templates and layouts to help you reach your goals. It is extremely easy and simple to build ads with Desygner and use other materials for advertising. Desygner formats are simply a guideline to help you style and correctly space images and content. And with Desygner your ads will always have stunning high resolutions of quality with images and texts.

Your images will be properly filtered and nicely contrasted. And your content and text correctly will be aligned and sharp – without a fuss.


And how do I show my advert off?

Once you’re finished and happy with your advert, its time to share. Show the world what you want to say. To share your ads on social media all you have to do is click “share”. Choose the social networks that are relevant to your business and you’re done. And if you want more control you can always download the high-quality files and upload wherever you want. And with our intuitive tools and features, you can promote your business at Christmas – even if you don’t think you have the time!


Christmas Promotion


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