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13 Hair Salon Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business in Instagram

If you’re looking for ways to promote your hair salon on Instagram, then look no further. We’ve collected 13 tips to help you build momentum on Instagram. By following the latest Instagram trends and promotional activities, you will be able to increase your engagement and catch the attention of your target audience to grow your hair salon business. So without further ado, here are our best Instagram growth tips.

Tips to promote hair salon business on Instagram

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13 Tips on How to Promote your Hair Salon on Instagram


1. Set Your Profile To Business Account

First, make sure to set your Instagram account to a business account. Even if you run your hair salon all by yourself, you still want to opt for a business profile. This initial step is critical because it allows you to add extra information to your profile, set a button to book appointments or run Instagram ads.


2. Add Your Basic Business Information

The next step to successfully promote your hair salon on Instagram is to add your basic business information to your profile. Use all the characters in your bio to describe your business and tell your potential customers why they should come to your hair salon instead of someone else’s.


3. Write An Enticing Bio

After you set up your Instagram business account and add all the relevant business information, it’s time to make a great impression by writing your bio. Instagram only allows you to express yourself in 150 characters, so don’t waste them!

Explain what you specialize in and why you’re unique. You can add a personal touch to your bio with emojis, slogans, or inspiring hairdresser quotes. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can find a few of our favorite hairdresser quotes to help you attract, inspire, and acquire more customers in this article!

hair salon marketing ideas

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4. Add Your Contact Information

Make sure that all of the necessary contact information is included in your profile, such as your hair salon’s address, e-mail address, phone number, and a link to your business website if you have one.


5. Add A Way To Book Appointments

To add a booking button to your Instagram profile, go to Edit Profile and choose Action Buttons. Then, select the Book Now option. Instagram will let you choose from several booking apps to link to, such as Vagaro, Genbook, or Acuity Scheduling.

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6. Choose The Right Profile Picture

Make sure that your profile picture stands out from the crowd! Your clients should be able to identify what your business is just by looking at the profile picture. Many businesses on Instagram choose to display their business logo as their profile picture. Choose a .png file instead of a .jpg to ensure that it’s looking smooth and sharp.

hair salon marketing ideas

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7. Take Before and After Shots

Taking high-quality and professional-looking photos for your hair salon on Instagram is a crucial step to successfully promoting it. Before-and-after shots are a great way to showcase your hairdressing skills! Since you want your target audience to see the stunning results of your previous customer’s hair transformations, display the “after” shot first on your grind and use the carousel feature to show the transformation process or the “before” shots.

When it all comes down to the “technical” part of taking the right shot, you should opt for a portrait format. This way, your hairstyles will stand out in their full beauty. And don’t forget to adjust the angles and filters! Instagram has a lot of tools that can help you edit your photos, but make sure to use them sparingly.

hair salon marketing ideas


8. Post Valuable Content

The best way to build trust with your target audience and establish yourself as the go-to hair salon in your local area is to create valuable posts for your audience. With Desygner, you can easily create Instagram infographics or carousels with hair tips or the latest hairstyles and trends.

hair salon marketing ideas

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9. Write Engaging Captions

Never underestimate a good caption. A well-written caption that tells a story behind a photo or provides helpful information for your target customers will help you generate more engagement, as well as build trust with your followers. While inspirational quotes may be a good caption idea from time to time, make sure to provide your followers with more in-depth information, such as helpful hair tips or answers to the most frequent questions you get.


10. Use Local Hashtags

Selecting the right hashtags can help you attract more followers and potential clients to your profile. Select a mix of hashtags that describe your business, as well as local hashtags. They should also correspond to what you can see in the photo. You should incorporate hashtags in every post but don’t forget to switch them sometimes so that you don’t use the same ones repeatedly.

Selecting the right hashtags can help you attract more followers


11. Show The Behind-the-Scenes

Instagram stories and reels are a great way to show your customers the behind-the-scenes of all the fantastic results they see on your feed. For example, hair transformations are fun to watch in the form of Instagram reels. You can also use your Instagram stories to showcase anything that your followers may find interesting, such as new hair products you use or new hairstyle ideas.

hair salon marketing ideas

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12. Host A Giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent way to gain more followers and spread the word about your business. For example, you can host a giveaway to win a free haircut. To host a giveaway, come with the conditions your followers need to meet to participate. Then, promote the giveaway on your feed and your stories.

Giveaways are an excellent way to gain more followers and spread the word about your business


13. Ask Your Customer For A Recommendation

One of the best ways to promote your hair salon on Instagram is to ask your happy customers to share their hair transformation on their Instagram stories. You can then reshare these recommendations on your own stories to let your followers know how satisfied your customers are after visiting your salon. This will help you build more trust with your future customers and establish more loyalty with your existing customers.

Ask your happy customers to share their hair transformation on their Instagram stories


Final Thoughts

There are many creative ways to promote your hair salon on Instagram. Since Instagram’s algorithm and the latest trends to follow constantly change, your feed will always be a work in progress. However, the golden rule to follow on Instagram is that the more you post, the more you grow.

So, start taking photos to showcase the excellent work you do, writing captivating and valuable captions, and sharing the behind-the-scenes on your Instagram stories.

To remain updated with the latest trends in graphic designs and incorporate marketing ideas into your business’s brand, follow Desygner on the latest social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube today!


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