How to Create a Poster Online with Desygner

create a poster online

There was a time when you needed high design skills to make incredible posters.

Not any more.

You can create stunning and effective posters quickly and easily online, without needing even a day of design study.

Want to know how? Read on to find out how you can create a poster online with Desygner.

Get creating with free, stunning poster templates

Designing a poster is easy when you have amazing templates ready to edit and adapt to your needs.

There’s a template fit for every need. Posters for baking shops, concerts, product advertisements, sports classes- you name it! All you need to do is find the poster template that suits your purpose and message and then customize and personalize to get your perfect look.

Alternatively, for a little more artistic freedom, start with a blank template. Use our drag and drop images and text to get the look you want.

Create a poster online with poster templates


Write text that will make everyone want to read your poster

Text is always the most important part of any poster. How else will you spread the news of what you’re making the poster for? That’s why it’s important to get the text right in the creation process.

Here’s how.

Add and edit text directly onto the canvas

1. If you’re using a template, double-click the text you want to edit.2.
2. If you want to add new text, click ‘Text’ in the left-hand menu.

Different fonts can change the entire look of your poster. It’s important to choose simple, big, bold fonts that can stand out easily. Here’s a list of some great poster fonts that you could try: Megrim, Nixie One, Nunito, Flamenco or Julius Sans One.

To learn more about pairing fonts, see our blog post by font designer Maryam Kamal.

Change the color

The color of the text is just as important- make sure it stands out from the background. Here’s how you can switch text colors:

1. Select the appropriate text
2. In the toolbar that’s displayed on the bottom of the screen, click on “Change Color”
3. Choose the color the complements your design

poster fonts

The right images can enhance your poster design

Images can make or break a good poster design. Customizable images can enhance the appeal of your poster and grab all the best attention.

Just remember, your images need to be relevant to whatever is on your poster.

Incredible poster backgrounds

Jazz up your poster with strong images that add the best worth to your poster design. Desygner’s free image library has all the images you could hope for to create breathtaking poster backgrounds. Here’s how to access these images for poster backgrounds:

1. Select the default background image.
2. Click on “Images” in the menu.
3. There’s a tab that says “Stock” where you’ll type a keyword for your poster theme.
4. Choose, then click the little symbol in the image box with the 9 little squares for ‘Use as background’.

Upload images from your device for the personal touch

Stock items can be great, but sometimes nothing works more than personalized photos.

1. Click on “Images” in the left-hand menu.
2. Under ‘Add’, you will be able to drag and drop or upload images from your device.
3. Select your preferred personal image from your device and get using it!

Add images to your poster

Create posters with life with icons

Add life to your poster with icons; they can really bring depth or fun to a design.

Browse and edit stock icons for a touch of fun

1. Browse through ‘Icons’
2. Choose and customize your chosen icon. Insert it into your design and change the position and size of the icon. You can also change the color by selecting ‘Fill color’.

Upload your own icons to stick to company branding

Alternatively, you can upload your own icons. Upload PNG icon files via the ‘Images’ tab.

Note: You can’t change the color of personally uploaded icons once inserted into your project. However, with a Premium account, you can upload icons in SVG format. The color of SVG images can be changed within the platform.

Add icons to your poster

Eight top poster designing tips you should know

Now you know the basics of how to make a poster using Desygner’s online templates, make sure to consider these top poster designing tips when you create your poster:

  • People should be able to read the key message from a distance.
  • Contrast- go bold or go home.
  • Use color to grab attention.
  • Make it look unique.
  • Use a big image to catch viewers’ eyes.
  • Empty space.
  • Use a call-to-action.
  • Bold fonts.
  • See more poster design tips.How to create a poster top tips

Print and share your poster

Amazing! You’ve finally completed your poster and it looks great. It’s time to see it in print or shared on social media.

You can download your menu as an image (jpg) with custom quality and file sizes.

1. Select ‘Download’ in the top-right corner of the editor.
2. Select your presets and click ‘Start Download’.
3. Print on your printer and admire your poster designing-skills.

Get your posters printed professionally

If you need your poster printed professionally or printed in bulk, contact a local professional printer.

1. Download it as a PDF
2. If your menu has multiple pages, you can download each project as one PDF file. PDFs are a great choice for printing.

Share your posters on social media

Want to share it on social media to spread the news online?

1. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the “Share” button.
2. Once you’ve selected your design, the mobile sharing options will appear below.
3. Choose an option before adding your social network, then share on either social media, WhatsApp, or email.
4. Show your incredible poster design all over the world!.

Upload to social media or print

Get involved

What else do you think is key for an amazing poster? Comment below!

We know you’ll make a stand-out poster. Share your creations with us in the comments below or on social media using #IamTheDesygner. We’d love to see what you’ve made.

Did you enjoy your designing experience? Fancy making a vision board, too? Try our vision board how-to guide.

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